Nadya Suleman: Under Investigation By DCFS Over "Horrendous" Living Conditions

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is under investigation by the La Habra (Calif.) Police Department and the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services after her stylist filed a complaint about the abhorrent living conditions at her house.

Her hairstylist, Stephanie, called the cops on her Tuesday.

According to Steph, Nadya and her 14 kids live in squalor, using only one working toilet, appearing malnourished and generally unclean, getting locked in the bedroom while Octomom does stuff, and surrounded by filth at every turn.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

When a police and three DCFS workers arrived yesterday, you can actually hear Octomom tell them, "Excuse the graffiti" in a video posted on TMZ.

The authorities stayed 90 minutes and left. They determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed, but the investigation continues.

Photos of the scene confirmed Stephanie's claims, as one pic shows two kids clearly defecating into a portable training toilet ... in the backyard.

Another picture shows Nadya Suleman with her hair having just been done, and having propped up a chair against the door to keep her offspring out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with two cribs and a mattress. Stephanie said some of the 14 kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

Some of the kids are also shown in the backyard, barefoot, neglected, dirty and wearing no pants. Boys are wearing girls' clothes in some cases.

Stephanie said of blowing the whistle, "The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her."

Octomom recently went on welfare to help feed her brood, a decision that was greeted with death threats and vandalism from angry neighbors.

With 14 mouths to feed and Octomom nude pics not commanding the cash they once would have, she's constantly swimming upstream.

Has the time come for the children to live elsewhere? Discuss.

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Yes I can, not that I have any reason to respond to you. She refuses to take care of them, calls them disgusting in interviews and refuses any help. I have no sympathy for her or you. As a paren, you're first and foremost responsibility is providing and caring for your child/children. I don't believe for a second that several members of your family lied about you being a bad parent. With your hostility I believe are a very bad parent! How about helping your child live, learn and grow instead of harassing other people on a public forum?


So IT OK Too Beat Up On NAdya Because She Has 14 Kids BeBe Can You Answer That Nancy


Well, Nadya Suleman deserves


Nancy, that is NOT OKAY. You NEVER wish a person to have their children taken away!!!! Nobody is going to accept an apology from anyone who says something that horrid!


@ Nancy....find=fine cps=cops
And no, the Cops will not take any child away from a good home. You are clearly delusional! I agree, if you had THAT many family members calling the cops and/or state on you there must have been something wrong within your household. Not judging you, not my place. But if you don't like what is being said, then say something intelligent instead of your misspelled rants. (that means crazy comments) And to wish your misfortune on someone else, well that is just pathetic!! YOU need to get a life or find the nearest lake. If you don't understand the big words...look them up.


yes, she made a mistake, we've established that, let's move on....time to show compassion and lend a hand


Nancy, you are so pathetic ... post somewhere else please




BeBe The THE Family Made Up Lies About Me And My Husband So That Y They Call The Cops And The Cps Ok Nancy Glaviano Avila I Will Say Sorry Ok No One Should Lose There Kids If It Is A Lie I Had Too Go Too Court Too Say I Was A Good Mommmy Ok Thanks And When The Cps Said They Made A MISKETS IT WAS TOO Late I Do'not Talk Too The Family No More Ok


Im a young mom and since my child was born, she became first in everything I do! I have not gonna my hair done in almost two years! I paint my own dang fingernails with $2 nail poish, I buy my clothes from the cheapest place I can find and at the end of the day, my child has diapers, food, all the toys in the world, more name brand clothes and outfits than I ever had in my life, and a big smile on her face! Yea 14 children are extremely hard I can't even imagine, but why u have a stylist, and nice clothes and sleeping in a bed while ur children suffer. As a good mom, u should b the one on the floor shivering without a blanket, while ur babies in ur bed comfortable. Screw your hair, ponytail holders cost $1 buy them. Its called sacrifice!

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