Nadya Suleman Decries Death Threats, Vandalism

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Nadya Suleman is opening up about the recent death threats and violence - some moron smashing her car window - she's encountered since going on welfare.

Nadya talked to E! News about the other night, when she started hearing some unusual noises outside of her home, but decided not call the police.

"I was jet-lagged and tired," Octomom says. "But I felt something was wrong. I was pretty scared, so I checked on the kids, checked the front of the house."

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"Morning came and neighbors came while I was cooking. They said, 'Your car window is all smashed.' It dawned on me that was what I had heard."

"I'm blessed with those neighbors who told me. They look out for us."

When she went to investigate the damage, she didn't even notice a strange note at first: "I didn't notice any paper until my daughter found it," she says.

Nadya guesses that someone smashed the window and threw the paper, containing a threatening message, inside, as part of a "never-ending cycle."

Surprisingly, Octomom didn't want to file a police report because she hoped to maintain her privacy, something she's never held dear in the past.

"I can't stand the media attention and wanted to make everything private," Nadya insists. "My manager told me to report it. My dad reported it."

Suleman doesn't know who is responsible for the vandalism or rash of recent death threats and won't "make assumptions" or "blame any group."

She adds that, "It wasn't just hate mail, it was a death threat."

The mother of 14 notes that where she currently lives is a "nightmare" and there is "bad energy everywhere" since news that she went on welfare.

Even though Suleman is under the public eye, she insists, "I'm no one special. Everyone has their own special story and survival and strength."

"I don't need this. I'm transparent and I have nothing to hide. I'm not ashamed of anything. Not with my children, no shame. At the end of the day, if you know who you are and you answer to God you're a good person, that's all the matters."

While ashamed of having to go on public assistance, Nadya says she mostly feels bad for the people who have so much negativity in their souls.

"I can complain ... who wouldn't. At this point, I am done. I am done with the complaining. I feel sorry for them," Suleman says of those who hate her.

"If I reciprocate hate, I'm feeding them power. I need to give that to my children. I am teaching my children to give power to yourself and God."

"I just learned to 100% train myself to be totally indifferent. If I get caught up in their misery, I go down to their misery and I go down to their level."

As for the vandal, Suleman says, "If I met the person who did this and I talked to them for a minute or two, they'd realize I'm human and I have feelings." 


Nadya is a beautiful loving caring women. She isnt someone that wants to be a professional welfare loafer. Once she gets on her feet I am sure she will repay her debt to society by being a taxpayer. If she ever wants some free karate lessons I would be glad to teach her. Hatred is like burning down you house to get rid of a rat.


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I don't for one moment in time believe that this really happened and she refused to call the police after receiving death threats. Then the letter that was left got misplaced and can't be found. Give us a break. This is just her way of getting back in the media after such a long dry spell. Maybe the police should take a look at the father and manager. But after all have been said and done, I have to say leave the woman alone, we all make mistakes.


i agree with her. Ppl who go out their way to do this have no life at all! How much of a loser are u that u make death threats to woman with 14 kids. Thats pretty fucked up even if u dnt agree with the public assistance. To risk going to jail because u hate a stranger so much makes u look like a physco! (Sp)


I understand the outrage for her getting help from the government, but what is the difference some poor welfare mother who has 6 kids and won't get a job and help herself? She is no different. Go find all welfare people and harass them as well.


well she is right about that. People filled with hate live miserably. People sing some hateful songs... And they choose to relive and stew in their own hatred. They need to worry about their own survival, not some insignificant stranger's.


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