MTV to Teen Mom Cast: No More Fake Boobs!

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Displeased by the breast enhancements members of the Teen Mom cast have undergone of late, MTV is looking to put the kibosh on future boob jobs.

She's not the first to go that route, but recent reports that wild child Jenelle Evans' fake boobs are next on tap, the network is looking to crack down.

Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout also got their breasts done in the recent past, and the network is peeved at the sexed-up image of the moms.

Seriously. The network is supposedly not trying to sell sex ... for once.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Pic

Says a source close to the production of Teen Mom ...

“MTV has an idea of how they want the girls to come off and big fake boobs isn’t it. They have even called the other girls and begged them to hold off on."

The network, of course, made an entire plot line out of this last summer, but “It was one thing when it was just [Farrah Abraham] ... now it’s out of hand.”

Seriously. One pair of enhanced breasts on an aspiring model was one thing ... three is another thing. Let's just cool it with the superficiality, girls.


So according to MTV, exploiting underage "children", watching their antics lead to jail time, giving them gobs of money for drugs and basically ignoring them when they post videos of them beating down other underage kids is acceptable. Yet, the fake boobs is where they draw the line. MTV is an evil company that deserves any and all charges that will eventually come out of this Teen Mom garbage.


So what who cares jenelle is a white trash HO she will never change. I fell sorry 4 her poor kid. Mom is a LOSER


I dated Farrah and her boobs are like 2 rocks in a sock. They feel terrible.
Oh and she is the most miserable person Alive. Hates everyone.

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