Is Miley Cyrus Anorexic? Twitpic Sparks Rumors, Star Slams Critics

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Miley Cyrus is firing back at critics alleging she has an eating disorder after a recent Twitter pic sparked a great deal of speculation to that effect.

Rumors that the 19-year-old might be anorexic were spawned after posting a photo of her and a bag from fast food chain restaurant Carl's Jr.

In a caption, she Tweeted, "I can't eat it. So I'm just gonna smell the s**t out of it! My mouth is LITERALLY watering." This was the photo:

Miley Cyrus Twitpic

Recent Miley Cyrus pictures do show the star looking thinner than in the past, so it wasn't totally off base, but she's not starving herself, dudes. Chillax.

Miley, no stranger to Twitter-induced controversy, was APPALLED that people would DARE interpret it that way and HAD to clarify matters ... on Twitter.

"For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy," she wrote. "It's not about weight it's about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!"

She then Tweeted at sister Noah Cyrus: "U saw how much I ate today at Easter but all of it was healthy and even more fulfilling! Health is happiness!"

There you go, people. Miles has cleared the air. No need to pay attention to every little thing she does, because she would obviously hate that. We clear?

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first imm anorexic so dont judge cause its not my fault i have a mental illness and....second she is kindda slutty...!she posted those pics of herself in her underwear and bra, then flashed the paperozzi and now she posted this picture saying tht... wow miley just wow. i guess thats what attention seekers get after loosing their tv show...and ps selena gomez is so much prettier and sounds so much better when she sings!


Miley is a good girl.leave her alone you stupid haters.


@pally: Miley Cyrus is not a slutty asshole, you're just a puritan bitch. Go back to your convent, prude. Do they teach proper spelling there?


@Letty: Not really. You're just a stupid uptight prude who doesn't know what the word whore really means.


Ai...miley is just seeking attention,dats what they do when they dont know what to do,shes cut from the same cloth as lindsey lohan...just stupid whore


those people who said bad things about miley is just jealous,..WTF can they pls leave miley alone,..she's a great singer than selena,.


Hey guys miley is too gud than stars like selena and miley luks perfect accord to her age not like selena who luks like a baby child


I wonder why she tweets pictures like this if she really doesn't want the comments. She was either stupid or really she likes the attention...


Wait, you people mean to tell me visible weight loss on a female automatically means anorexia? It can't POSSIBLY be caused by working out, illness, stress, or no longer eating gluten? No. Way! Last year I lost 10 pounds. That must mean that I was anorexic too! O.M.G.! Oh, and by the way, @Adam and Karen: You too are clearly uneducated and have no class. Grow up.


Hah! People are sooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!
Once they call her fat, now she's anorexic! WTF??
U r just jealous because u r not famous, talented and beautiful or what?
Just leave her alone bastards!!!!!!!!