Michelle Obama Fashion Watch: First Lady Shines at White House Correspondents' Dinner

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President Barack Obama joked at the White House Correspondents' dinner this weekend that an alarming percentage of poll respondents prefer his better half.

Self-deprecation aside, First Lady Michelle Obama more than holds her own, and not just when it comes to besting Ellen at pushups or being a fashion icon.

For Saturday's Hollywood-meets-Washington bash, President Obama's wife, 48, looked regal yet flirty in a strapless paisley organza gown by Naemm Khan:

Beautiful Michelle Obama Photo

The mother of two accentuated the dress by wearing her hair in loose, tousled waves, accessorized with gold hoop earrings. As always, the end result was stunning.

Mrs. Obama cracked up sitting next to the night's host Jimmy Kimmel, who roasted the President and scores of other A-list attendees during a 25-minute speech.

The night's guests included George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Anna Paquin, Steven Spielberg, Tony Romo, Candice Crawford, Matthew Morrison, Kate Hudson, Rick Santorum and Lindsay Lohan.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's dress?

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@ Andrea- Does the name MARY JO KOPECHNE RING A BELL? That's the name of the woman riding in Ted K. Car when he drove off the road into a Channel at Chappaquiddick and he received a suspended sentence after he left the scene of her death. Were you bragging in your statement regarding Kennedy? Hey Andrea- $ 470 thousand is what Taxpayers paid for your Black Queen to go to Spain! What's the count Andrea- 18 or 20 Vacations she has taken on Taxpayer Dollars. Andrea- They way I hear it from a peer of your 1st Lady from the Firm Sidley Austin- she is ARROGANT ANGRY & CAUSTIC! Your President is a Green Energy Puppet - You know Lee Harvey kind of Puppet! Front man! Save us the Soilder Flag Waving- Obama didn't want to touch this topic until somebody told them the really need to create a warmth to this subject. Play that Card Andrea- we expect it. You and yours are predictable and Obama is pathetic.


the dress was fine but unfortunately, she has terrible posture


Hahaha! Flinging "pseudo-pity" is hardly a way of defending what some of you obviously perceive as the very "untouchable" Michelle. Not all black women are obviously raging. But she has been. If you go back and read about her past and how she's developed to the White House you'd know what I mean. There is a racial underlining here, but it comes from the couple in the White House. There's nothing wrong or damning about pointing out the obvious regarding their views and leanings. I think it's sad when a faction of society feels that we have certain leaders & their spouses we must not touch with criticism--valid though it may be. I'm sure none of you felt Hilary Roesen was out of place criticizing Ann Romney. It merely shows hypocrisy on your part.


Shannon, I feel sorry for you. Does it kill you that our First Lady has an agenda do help our soldiers, help our children, reach out to the disenfranchised? You remind me of the old woman(well she is old now)who demanded that her daughter be removed as Michelle's roommate at Princeton because she didn't want her daughter to room with a black woman. That Black woman has done more for hurting people especially our military than any first lady. She does not have to copy Mrs Kennedy, even Senator Kennedy said he wanted President Obama to be president because he reminded him of his brother. Shalom and God bless you Shannon. I don't think you are a racist,just a jealous hurting woman, who needs the love of God shed abroad in her heart!


I forgot Black women are always"raging". I am certain that Michelle Obama, Ivy League Graduate, married to the most powerful man in the world, beautiful healthy children, admired by many especially the Queen of England who hugged her, wastes her time "raging" Thanks for the laugh!


Ann: Well said babe..some people unfortunately live in denial..


@Ann No rage here. I perceived very clearly though Michelle's rage even during the '08 election. I'm not a racist, but instead, a realist with regard to seeing individuals for what they are. The trouble, Ann, is if you don't worship the Obama's you're quickly labeled a racist. That's merely a liberal tactic. Their feeble attempt to get their man re-elected I suppose, but if you have to go that route you are in fact---desperate! It holds no weight whatsoever. In today's world it takes courage to express an opinion that doesn't "kiss up" to the liberal agenda. Very well. I'm willing to do so with no apologies.


FL Michelle looks beautiful and classy. Simply gorgeous!


Shannon, hopefully some day you will be able to get past your "rage" against a black woman - an educated black woman -occupying the White House. I suggest you look hard and fast at your racist genes and stop hating.


No amount of haute couture can mask this woman's raging personality. There's always this undercurrent of rage..much of it racial rage. She has not done half of what many First Ladies in the White House have achieved. She tries to copy Jackie Kennedy, but falls flat. She is nowhere near what First Lady Jackie was regarding fashion, culture, entertaining eloquently, wowing foreign leaders, and making an endearing case that first and foremost being a Mother...and for Jackie an "at-home" one at that--- is very important and doesn't make a woman a second class citizen to be looked down on. Nope. Michelle just doesn't have it. Maybe in Chicago society she can be more successful in the above areas I've mentioned which I hope happens after the November election.

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