Michelle Obama Fashion Watch: First Lady Shines at White House Correspondents' Dinner

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President Barack Obama joked at the White House Correspondents' dinner this weekend that an alarming percentage of poll respondents prefer his better half.

Self-deprecation aside, First Lady Michelle Obama more than holds her own, and not just when it comes to besting Ellen at pushups or being a fashion icon.

For Saturday's Hollywood-meets-Washington bash, President Obama's wife, 48, looked regal yet flirty in a strapless paisley organza gown by Naemm Khan:

Beautiful Michelle Obama Photo

The mother of two accentuated the dress by wearing her hair in loose, tousled waves, accessorized with gold hoop earrings. As always, the end result was stunning.

Mrs. Obama cracked up sitting next to the night's host Jimmy Kimmel, who roasted the President and scores of other A-list attendees during a 25-minute speech.

The night's guests included George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Anna Paquin, Steven Spielberg, Tony Romo, Candice Crawford, Matthew Morrison, Kate Hudson, Rick Santorum and Lindsay Lohan.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's dress?

[Photo: WENN.com]

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i really think M Obama fashion styles are okay though some times they appear too simple for a lady her class.


Michelle Obama/our First Lady: "wears" clothes the way they suppose
to be worn: SHE wears them and NOT the other way around!!


News flash: The Dems are trying to make a big deal out of Ann Romney's $1,000 designer blouse when Michelle Obama was seen and photographed toting a $1200 purse by the SAME designer of Mrs. Romney's blouse. HYPOCRISY REEKS HERE, FOLKS!!!! Romney in 2012!


This economy is as bad as its been in decades. Gas prices out the roof. Homes being foreclosed. Welfare participants at an all time high. Jobs? My God you can't find a decent job if any at all. THIS WOMAN HAS THE NERVE TO TRAVEL ABROAD ON VACATION? On Taxpayers Dollars? Talk about LOW CLASS! It's disrespectful and humiliating. I cannot BELEIVE someone like M Obama can be that out of touch! I guess her shopping at Target makes up for it! HUH?


I cannot understand why Michelle is considered a fashion icon. She hardly ever looks professional in her little cotton housedresses. It was embarrassing to see her pictured with William and Kate. Kate looked stunning and, in comparison, Michelle looked frumpy!


@Mamachi I disagree. Folks here have a right to comment on the First Lady not only fashion-wise but also regarding her personality and actions. If people are gonna hold Ann Romney under the microscope and take a "no-holds-bar" approach with her? Then Michelle is also in line for the same treatment. Get over it!


who are these people......on the internet writting all these crazy stuff. if it were not bothering on a mental disorder. it would have been hillarous. go michelle you are a class act.


Anyone can see that for the past 6 months she is campaigning heavy for her spouse. She has received a " Personality Makeover" and it was desperatly needed. Still- she has an attitude along with a chip on her shoulder. How anyone can criticize Ann Romney with MO on TV constantly is beyond me. Anyone who says " 4 the 1st time I'm proud of my country " will get no respect from me or anyone I know! She would have been much more accepted if she would not have came into this with a chip on her shoulder. It's amazing more people can't see through this. Is this Racist? If so -DEAL WITH IT!


@ ANDREA-On 2nd thought- I'm sure all the Soliders over in the Middle East feel just " Peachy" that your 1st Lady is able to Ski and Vacation all over the world while the Soliders fight- and their wives try and make ends meet back here in the good "OLE" USA! TACKY- But what else could you expect from an OBAMA!
Romney/ 2012


HEY ANDREA- Black women raging? MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL YOUR BLACK MEN THAT! I don't think they see it. Stats say that 70% of Black Mothers are supporting kids by themselves! HEY -BUT YOU SURE SOUND GOOD ANDREA- FULL OF HORSESHIT.... BUT SOMEONE WILL BELEIVE YOU! raging? HAHAHAHAHA