Michelle Obama Prom Dress: Revealed on Ellen!

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During a speaking engagement to mark the one-year anniversary of her Joining Forces initiative, which helps honor and support America's military families, Michelle Obama brought in a special guest live via satellite:

Ellen DeGeneres!

In addition to discussing this very worthy cause Monday, the First Lady and Ellen rehashed their push-up contest from earlier this year. Take a look:

In the second half of their talk, Ellen spoke with military families, and then delighted the audience by unveiling a photo of Michelle's senior prom dress ...

"That split was a little high," Obama said, laughing. "I don't know if I'd let my kids go out with a split that high, so let's not show this to Malia and Sasha."

It's not what you think of when you think of Michelle Obama photos nowadays, no. Ellen showed off her amazing prom pic too. Check it out below:


Mchelle Obama looks great now, after almost four years of our tax dollars paying for her special trainer and chef!! When this woman first came to the white house she herself was overweight by at least thirty pounds. Shame all of us can't get the special training and cooking she does....if we did, we would be the fittest nation in the world. I wonder why she was overweight before her husband became president??????? A bit of a hypocrite wouldn't you say!!!


Military leaders should not wake or with strangers UNWANTEDLY camping in thier apts. The neighbors as well. Nor should we pass out from UPHOLDONG the programs designed and supported by the first lady. I passed out from the torture of babysitting OTHER political personnell. This should not happen to homeland security in a CLINICAL SETTING. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH M_F`ER.


I just love to read what haters do with a picture of someones Prom dress....I'll bet they are just pissed because no one would go to a prom with them.....Michelle is an awesome first Lady.


Michelle Obama's good points far outweight the bad. Remember, she came from a less than well-off family and worked very hard indeed for her qualifications. She appears to be an idealist who wants the best for everybody. She tries to illustrate that if she can work hard for her education, it shouldn't be out of other people's reach. She is far more compassionate that some people give her credit for and she counts her blessings. Don't tar her with the same brush as the money-grabbing Cherie Blair (not to mentione her appalling husband, Tony).


I really don't care what she looked like when she went to her prom. I just want her out of Our White House because she is way to busy spending my money on her trips all over the world along with her daughter's trip to Mexico tha a lot of people didn't know about until and because of the earthquake. Why should have to pay those big bucks for her daughter to go on a trip to Mexico and funny thing the president tried to hide that and it didn't work did it. I wonder how many more things he is hiding?

@ Carol

haters leave them alone you just jealousy !!!!!!! you want to be you


Shut the hell up, Catherine! Michelle Obama is a great role model for young girls and she looks at the important issues in our country like fitness, education, and military members and their families. You don't know anything so just SHUT UP!


Keep telling yourself that- Troll.


Forget about her dress, I am so proud to have her as our first lady. Her causes like fitness, our returning military
And family values are heroic in this seemingly crazy world. It is so nice to see our leaders and their first lady so
Well grounded and relating to the real problems in our country

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