Melissa Etheridge to Tammy Lynn Michaels: You Put a Cigarette Out on Our KID!

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Melissa Etheridge has filed legal documents claiming that her former domestic partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, is responsible for all sorts of bad stuff.

Namely accidentally burning one of their kids with a cigarette.

In her EPIC dispute with Tammy, who is seeking a substantial bump in support from the $23,000 per month she gets now, wants the judge to order both her and Tammy to go smoke-free around their twins to prevent future burns.

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels

Melissa also claims Tammy has accused her of having no maternal instinct and therefore is against striking a 50/50 joint custody deal for their twins.

Melissa says Tammy is adamant ... she did not give birth to the children just to give them away. Melissa calls Tammy an "angry and vindictive" person.

How angry and vindictive are we talking about here? Making matters worse, if that's even possible, Etheridge says Michaels once sent her an email saying:

"You have to support so many households because YOU BROKE SO MANY HOUSEHOLDS ... If you had decided to have one ounce of integrity/honesty as a person or partner, you would NOT be in this predicament. Think about it."

"They aren't leaving my care while you are on the road - a completely inappropriate place for 3-year-olds - not to mention you can't track them, have no child care, and they were bit by dogs in the house last time you had them."

Again, there are bad celebrity breakups, and there is this.

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Wow Ash you totally fell for the propaganda! Hook line and sinker!


@Ashley: would you come with me? Xoxo


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it's all wrong from beginning..
the children need normal parent-mom n dad-female n male..


It's amazing how you take a legal document that says that since Tammy accidentally burned one of the kids, Melissa would like her to not smoke around them and you turn it into Melissa accusing Tammy of "putting a cigarette out" on the kid. You guys are unbelievable.