Mel Gibson to Sue Over Secretly-Recorded Rant?

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Mel Gibson is considering suing screenwriter Joe Eszterhas for secretly recording him at his home in Costa Rica, then releasing the audio, according to TMZ.

The actor believes he has a "basic human right" NOT to be secretly recorded in his own home, which is a fair argument ... but did Eszterhas break the law?

Certain U.S. states don't permit a person to be recorded without their knowledge, at least as it pertains to evidence in a criminal case. But this is different.

The latest Mel Gibson rant doesn't implicate him in anything illegal, so he's looking to build a case, potentially, around Eszterhas' infringement of his privacy.

Gibson's attorneys are looking into the laws of Costa Rica to determine if recording laws were violated and, even if they weren't, if Mel's right to privacy was.

Mel absolutely explodes in the recording (above) about Eszterhas' lack of progress with The Maccabees script, yelling "What the f**k have you been doing!?"

Gibson also unloads on Oksana Grigorieva - the target, and source, of his infamous 2010 tapes - calling her a "F**king c**t" and a "c**ksucking whore."

The actor has acknowledged his inappropriate behavior toward Eszterhas, but believes anyone recorded "at their worst moment" would sound repugnant.

Moreover, it's unfair to entrap people in their own home.

Eszterhas' family was in Costa Rica at Mel's house in December. He was tasked with writing a draft of The Maccabees, which Mel apparently disliked.

The writer's 15-year-old son, Nick, apparently recorded Mel on his iPhone without his knowledge, then urged his dad to release the audio, which he did.

A source in Gibson's camp also notes, with skepticism, that Eszterhas has made other allegations against Mel that do not appear in the leaked recording.

Eszterhas claims Mel expressed strong hatred of Jews and is glad John Lennon died, but none of that is on the tape ... which is bad, but not that bad.

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Eszterious had no right to record all that,he is a scum bag,he shouls have helped him instead,Mel needs help.


Some people cause us to behave in a toxic manner. The best thing for Mel was to get away from that woman. Now maybe he can get the help for his alcoholism that he needed, and move on with his life. I don't know why these older men believe that these young gold diggers can make them as happy as their wife did. There is more to a relationship than the physical side. Once that is gone, you need to at least LIKE the other person.


Said it before and i'll say it again, yes Mel is an ass. But this guy is pissed and is doing what he can to scrape his ego off the floor. He had no right to record Mel, especially in his own home. And he took the advice of a 15yr to release it. Really? Idiot. Its just sour grapes. And in reality we all have not so proud moments of ranting that we wouldnt want the world to hear. Mel may be nuts and have some crazy ideas but even crazies deserve some right to privacy


So... what HAS Exterhaus been doing all this time? And Oksana is all those things Mel said she is. Despicable to go into a man's home and record him like this.

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