Mel Gibson Rant: Star RAGES at Joe Eszterhas, Bashes Oksana Grigorieva

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Mel Gibson was secretly recorded ranting against Joe Eszterhas over the latter's draft of their ill-fated film project The Maccabees, and the audio has leaked online.

Screenwriter Eszterhas, who recently alleged in a nine-page letter that Mel Gibson hates Jews and wants to stab Oksana Grigorieva, says his son taped Mel.

Eszterhas' family was in Costa Rica at Mel's house in December. He was tasked with writing a draft of The Maccabees, which didn't go over well with Gibson.

That's putting it mildly:

Eszterhas' 15-year-old son, Nick, recorded the Oscar winner with his iPhone, and he was "adamant" his dad release it to the media. So he did, to The Wrap.

"Why don't I have a first draft of The Maccabees? What the f--k have you been doing?" Gibson can be heard yelling in the two-and-a-half-minute tape.

Gibson also can be heard yelling, presumably referencing Oksana, that "I am earning money for a filthy little c--ksucker who takes advantage of me!"

It's worth noting that while he scarily rants like a bona fide crazy person, the most inflammatory comments Mel is accused of making do not appear.

It's unclear if there are additional audio recordings.

Eszterhas has accused the actor of anti-Semitism and said his only true intention with making The Maccabees was "to convert Jews to Christianity."

In a letter to Gibson, Eszterhas (who is Jewish) claimed he continually referred to Jews in front of him as "Hebes," "oven-dodgers" and "Jewboys."

He also claims that Mel called the Holocaust "mostly a lot of horses--t" and made horrific comments about Grigorieva, John Lennon and others.

Gibson's initial response to Eszterhas denied the claims that he made the offensive remarks he was accused of making, calling them "utter fabrications."

A rep for the actor-filmmaker tells E! that there will be no comment forthcoming on Eszterhas' recording, and that Gibson has "nothing more" to say.

As for The Maccabees, Warner Bros. previously said that they are still "analyzing what to do with the project" that has been shelved indefinitely.

Gibson's infamous rants against Oksana were one of the biggest stories of 2010, and it looks like he still has a good amount of pent-up anger.


Whatever! Jen-jen. i heard some say this is a man wanting his script he damn pd. this writer to write!


I agree with you Lynne, Scott, and Magarietha!


If Mel truly had "Nothing more to say" that would probably be the best thing for him.


I really like Mel Gibson. He has made some very good movies. He is now going through some bad times and the media wants to make him look as bad as they can. I'm personally sick of how the media makes everything public to make money. Lay off the guy! We all make mistakes and he needs a break, not someone taping what he says, invading his privacy.


Sick of the Mel bashing too. First off, I hear this kind of ranting on a regular basis in my line of work, even worse. Second, it's commonplace in Hollywood. Third, Joe is a scum of the lowest level himself, for taping someone in the privacy of their own home and releasing it months later as retribution because his script got rejected. And on a side note, it's a known fact that Gibson is bipolar, it's pretty sick how people take advantage of a mental condition he can't help, to kick him even further.


It is illegal to tape someone without their permission. If this is in fact Mel, I didn't hear any racial, anti-Semitic remarks, or threat of killing Oksana. There is no proof that it is Mel. Whoever, secretly taped this needs to pay attention to the law, get recorded permission first to tape and air the recording, and use a much better recording device. There are two sides to every story and someone broke the law.


The real story is NOT Mel Gibson has anger issues. The important question? Why is the sewer stream media making a headline out of illegal recordings of Gibson who was taped in the privacy of his own home?


How is this news? Everyone knows how he is, & how he's a racist pig.


Gibson is washed up. He's a drunk and a has been.


Why does everyone want to tape what this guy says? There seems to be some kind of malice towards him that is completely uncalled for. I have to wonder what the major haters of this man says behind closed doors in their own homes. He has only ever been successful. Oscars snub him constantly - he at least had a long good marriage by world standards compared to Hollywood where every second female now has a boy as a lover and marriages flunk constantly. Oh yes I forgot, they don't consider this behaviour immoral. I loved Mel Gibson's movies. He was never a fantastic actor but like Swazcheneger? he's movies are highly watchable! And what a good looking guy. Crikey Moses.

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