Mel Gibson Glad John Lennon is Dead, Wants to Stab Oksana Grigorieva, Screenwriter Claims

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Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who was collaborating with Mel Gibson on his ill-fated film The Maccabees before claiming in a letter Mel Gibson hates Jews, says he's got proof that he witnessed the latest rage-filled rants from the troubled star.Mel Gibson Smirks
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    It's recognized that Hollywood's on a decades
    stale roll.

    SO, where's Gibson on this, the ';mysteriously overlooked' ----60th Anniversary--- of the awesomely relevant
    --------------------------KOREAN WAR?-------------------------


    Does anybody know anything about a video titled "ILL FATED jews 2012"
    ? , was once posted on YouTube in 2009 and deleted by YouTube within a week of uploaded date.
    It was two hours of documental exposing all the secrets about Jews from Genetically inherited disease to Hitler's jewish ancestry , roots of Mossad in Nazi secret service and the Hidden agenda of the uppermost Zionist cult.
    I would appreciate if anybody can help.
    Thanks in advance.

    @ Niel Molonski

    Niel, I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help you as well. You need it. "Uppermost Zionist cult". hooboy........


    To Worthless Lynn: Gee Girl, you sound a little down on the Jews babe. What's the matter sugar its, did one refuse to marry you? I'm sure with all that pent up hatred in must be a real catch. And by the way, I'd say there are enough Jew haters out there already like yerself with getting Hollywood mixed up in it!

    @ Eli

    Niel, I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help you as well. You need it.

    "Uppermost Zionist cult". hooboy........


    it just amazes me that some people who work in the film industry turn into pompous cranks ,they are actors who begin to think they are some sort of demi gods , who act like spoil brats, most people go to the cinema to be entertained and thats all these people they are well paid entertainers,


    Another example of Jewish hypocrisy - Charlie Sheen.

    Everyone knew Charlie was deeply misogynistic from back in the 80s. This is a guy who didnt just beat his gfs & wives (all documented), he SHOT one of them! Kelly Preston, remember her?? Well Chuck Lorre, hired him then wrote a show that glorified his sick issues with women. Chuck put up with the drug, alcohol binges, reports of violence with porn stars. Then one day, Charlie in response to a sarcastic letter from Chuck Lorre, refers to him by his Hebrew name. Out come the accusations of anti-semitism and within one week, Charlie Sheen had been fired.

    So to recap, according to Jews you can attack women, mexicans, blacks, gays, pornstars but only when you touch the Jews do you become officially a bigot


    @Dean: There were 2 stars back in those days I could not stand. Sean Connery who repeatedly said in interviews that husbands should beat their wives and that he does slap his wife. Mel Gibson who said that women dont belong in business and that they should stay home like his own wife.

    Ofcourse none of these statements ever drew any major coverage or criticism. Its ok to be bigotted towards other groups in hollywood, just not Jews. If you find that others are not now rallying to support Jews over this, its because we know you wouldnt back us up either. Mel continued to get jobs from Jewish run studios (including Braveheart) when he hated on other groups.

    So as for me, I will support Mel, not because hes the good guy here but because Power Jews arent the good guys either!


    @hiya; porno gangbanging nuns??? Is that available on Netflix? How do I catch THAT show?


    He's a great guy and id love to have a beer w/ Mel sometime.If i had a dollar for every time a liberal,jewish producer in Hollyweird objectified and bashed a christian in one of their movies id be a tycoon.Aren't these types the same who put out porno gangbanging nuns or women w/ a cross around their necks? Yeah hypocrites are funny.


    We've known that Mel hates EVERYONE for ages and ages.


    Don't worry about what he said about John Lennon---doesn't really matter cause a 100 years from now no one is going to remember Mel Gibson i can assure all of you of that. But John's solo and Beatles work will long go on.
    Anything else that drunk utters is meaningless--Oh he so so Christain, yeah right while he was commiting adultery. Please Mel just go away.

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