Source: Marc Anthony Hoped to Reconcile With Jennifer Lopez, Lost Out to Casper Smart

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Up until last week, Marc Anthony hoped to reconciliation with his estranged wife Jennifer Lopez, only to learn she was madly in love with new BF Casper Smart.

Marc filed for divorce Monday, nine months after the couple separated.

Sources indicate that Anthony didn't make the decision on his own, really. He wanted J. Lo back and had a heart-to-heart with her about giving it another shot.

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Anthony reportedly make his intentions clear and asked to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed tht she was "deeply in love" with Casper.

She said she wanted to pursue that relationship, and that was that.

Marc was blindsided, according to insiders, because while she and Casper Smart have been an item for some time, he had no idea things were so serious.

He was hurt, and has now filed for divorce, officially.

You gotta feel for the guy ... but on the flip side, they did split up for a reason, and by all accounts mutually. He's also been seeing Shannon De Lima.


Now week Casper will get "smart" and dump her middle-aged tooshy...then we'll have the whole trauma of the Cougar who just couldn't hold her toy boy. Hey, Marc's better off without her!


if they really wanted to be together it would have happen by now..


thing is/ parents do what they want at the kids expense. as a result this in itself is the problem. selfishness.


Undying love.


This is sad for the kid. Adults can do whatever they want for all I care, but when children are involved, people need to grow up. I'm sure nabbing a 24 year old hottie is good for the ego, but it's hurting her family.

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