Lisa Lampanelli Under Fire For Using Racial Slur Against Dayana Mendoza

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Celebrity Apprentice star and beauty queen Dayana Mendoza is firing back at co-star Lisa Lampanelli for a racial insult she allegedly used during a radio interview.

It all went down last month when Lampanelli appeared on Sirius XM, saying:

"I actually would love to see [Dayana] giving birth. She’s a sp*c! She’s going to do it f**king soon, anyway. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.”

Lampanelli is no stranger to using that slur in particular. Here's a portion of a routine she did a few years back in which she says that and much worse:

Dayana tells the Huffington Post, "I understand that it's Lisa's job to make fun of people for a living. If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets, no problem."

"I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture."

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Someone needs to start an anti lampanelli page on Facebook.


Getting offended by racial slurs only give power to the word.
Lisa had to work hard to get into comedy which is a mans world. And she obviously is insecure about how she looks. Then here comes Miss. Universe who got famous by being thin and beautiful. Even though she had to work hard to become miss universe people like lisa feel like beauty queens get handed everything unlike her who had to work he but off.
Which there is some truth to that men would lay lisa in a puddle so Miss. Universe wouldnt get her feet wet.
And she is an insult comic and obviously people like that and it worked for her because she got famous.


Lisa is a straight up BITCH i hate to say it and please excuse my language i dont like to curse but its necessary. I completely understand where dayana is comming from i am latina and it is sometimes hard for me because of the language barrier. Also i have competed in pageants myself and I know how some women who are usually miserable because they have No self esteem and confidence try to call me dumb or not equal to other women because i might be pretty or because i dont know all of the language. That is very high school and silly. Lisa is a sad person she cant leave dayana alone and she blows up its like she needs to see a psychiatrist and someone for anger management. she is a big bully. STOP HATING LISA!!!!! its CLEAR your just JEALOUS!!! and also for the people that think dayana is being too sensitive is gross..because thats verbal abuse anyone who has gone through it verbal or even physical can see that...


Linda Lampenelli is not a very nice person . She seems so unhappy with herself that,when she is around anyone else she compares herself to that person and always comes up short,(not true) but I think this how she sees it.I do not find her funny I find her mean, I really think that if she would be nicer to people in general she would feel better about herself. I have also notice that she is very sensative and when it is something relating to her she cries at the least little remark or critisizum. sp?


As a comic, Lisa is the most unfunny comic I have ever seen. Not even good enough to be called "an insult comic"
A horrid human and bullying btch to name a few of her darling traits. As I am hoping and all, we are sure after her CA ACT, she will go down in flames for the racist, bully pig she is. Good day Loser Lisa. Never thought you were funny, but bullying is cheap and low.
bye bye


I have never seen a more despicable person. Lisa needs needs to act like a lady and get a heart.


Isn't it ironic how Lisa couldn't find anything for Dayana to do, yet when Lisa picked up the puppet, she started talking like an ignorant white person trying to talk like an hispanic. Seems like that would have been a perfect role for Dayana to put a positive and cute spin on the doll. Remember the show where Dayana saved their task by being whitty on the spot to cover a mistake? The puppeteers liked her doll the most? She raised a lot of money? She did well as project manager? Stop letting big mouth vulgar bullies rule this show!!!!! dammit


I totally agree, she is the most UNFUNNY "comedian" I have also ever seen, %80 of her jokes are not even laughable. She is a huge pig inside and out, she was probably bullied as a kid so she thinks by acting like a raving lunatic she can look cool, you are not cool your a fat pig who is so jealous of Dayanna and everyone else that you desperately need to be the center of attention. Pathetic and sad, what a disgrace to comedians and human beings in general, I wish she would go away and never come back, anyone that puts her on tv is contributing to this ridiculous behaviour, she seems to have severe mental problems.


Lisa has to be the unfunniest comedian ive ever seen, just a jealous pig and anyone can see that


There is no 'friction' between Dayana and Lisa - there is just Lisa being a bully and picking on Dayana for absolutely no reason other than she can't stand the fact that she is fat and unattractive and a horrible person and Dayana is the complete opposite. Shame on Penn and Clay for sitting there and not sticking up for Dayana, it's called "enabling" and is as bad as bullying itself. Dayana has handled Lisa with so much more class than anyone I could imagine. I would have absolutely torn strips off Lisa if she spoke to me like that. Dayana is beautiful inside and out, and smart as well, but this show only rewards sh*tty people so she probably doesn't belong there.

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