Lisa Edelstein: Nude For PETA!

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Actress Lisa Edelstein gets naked for PETA in a new "Eat Green to Go Green" ad, posing in the buff and covered up only by some yummy vegetables.

It kind of speaks for itself. Time to go veg. Or at least go ogle ...

Lisa Edelstein Nude

Edelstein says going vegetarian is a "really important part of what we need to do to help the environment" and wants people to try it, even occasionally.

"I like to encourage people to eat vegetarian once a week," the former House star said.

"That alone would make such an enormous impact for the whole world."

Check a behind the scenes video of Edelstein's PETA shoot below:

In other PETA news, when those peeps aren't promoting naked supporters of their mission, they're slamming Jennifer Lawrence and Khloe Kardashian.

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Tim u dumb kunt cavemen didnt get to sit around watching house and going to their cushy job and have doctors to prolong their stupid ass like u yes they died young and it didnt matter what they ate u tard... hahahaha


And how old was the typical caveman when he died, Heather?


Poor girl she has gone to the effort of taking her clothes off and her thunder is stolen by Jennifer Lawrence's 'Screw PETA' comment, which has attracted much more media attention. These naked PETA ads I feel are degrading to women and seem to over the years done very little to actually improve animal rights (PETA in general seems to get peaople's backs up) but I guess there will never be a shortage of conceited, attention seeking, airheaded actresses who will strip for them.


All these people that pose naked for PETA just want to show their naked ass to the world, you don't have to take off all your clothes to prove a point. They act and look like a bunch of porno queens., I wonder how much do they get paid to strip for PETA?


She WISHES her body looked like that. Im sorry but that is so airbrushed its ridiculous. her waist looks so fake. Ive never really liked this actress, she ruined House by pushing the godawful Huddy crap into it like a tiny cheerleader. She comes across as vapid and stupid in interviews, vain and this ad is such a desperate act as her career tanks. Thank God, maybe people'll finally recog that she cant act and she relies on her 'looks' to get by. Pathetic. And these naked ads by PETA, I know loads of ugly, fat vegans. Being a veggie, being vegan isnt going to make you thin and beautiful. And I raelly resent being made to feel like Im a lesser person because I chose to eat meat. Like a vegan or veggie is somehow a much better person than me. I eat organic, free range meat and animal products. the holier than thou attitude is vile


One of my favourite actresses i really adore her and now i will love more because of her lovely arse


i think we should limt meat but we cant take it out complety...


what age group adores and loves animals the most?????.........CHILDREN!!!!!!
Who cries when their pet fish or dog dies?????.......A KID!!!!!
Who loves watching animal planet/ National geographic channels the most???????........CHILDREN!!!!!
So why is this desperate freak posing naked for PETA?????? Is she trying to tell kids that its ok to pose expose your body???? Seriously PETA.....people get "Horny" by seeing people what if a man sees this poster on the side of a shop and starts to get all freaky.......he could eventually lead to raping someone- understand that you'll are trying to minimize animal killing....but are you'll trying to maximize crime????????


morningstar farms has really good chik patties. Their meatballs are good too. So are their breakfast meals. And their veggie burgers are alright. Im still waiting for stores to make vegitarian isles.


So its good for the planet to not eat meat? Oh what were the cave men thinking? What happens to all the animals when they become over populated and they have no food to eat because people ate all the vegetation? Oh yeah they starve. And go to waste. Yeah thats green! I eat plenty of veggies but i do love a good steak. Sorry honey take you veggie eating naked ass else where with that. Anybody who needs to get their point across using naked woman need to rethink what they are trying to say.