Lindsay Lohan Brushes Off Rosie O'Donnell Bashing

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Lindsay Lohan is said to be in shock that Rosie O'Donnell bashed her on live TV yesterday, believing she always had a great relationship with the talk show host.

She's not exactly Donald Trump, in other words.

Sources in LiLo's camp say was never any bad blood between the two, and that Lohan and O'Donnell were always on great terms ... or so she thought anyway.

O'Donnell, Rosie
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Lindsay always had a special fondness for Rosie, even. One of Lindsay's first ever talk show appearances, at age 12, was on Rosie's old show back in 1998.

But, though she's surprised, Lindsay isn't upset that Rosie slammed her and her upcoming Liz Taylor role ... it just adds more fuel to the comeback fire!

Why waste time worrying about the haters, right? As far as Lohan's concerned, Rosie's just another doubter she's gotta prove wrong. Her rep concurs.

Reacting to the tirade, Lohan's publicist told E! News Tuesday: "I think Rosie should focus on her own career and stop worrying about everyone else's."


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Rosie has no career, she's no longer young, she is a fat, loud, bull, any woman who would get involved with her, would be doing so, for financial gain, only. Lohan has talent, and for now, she can still perform. Hopefully, she'll get her act together, and live longer than Whitney Houston. Not sure if it's Huston, or Houston. I never was a fan. She was good in the, "BODYGUARD," good film, good song, but she threw it all away. LINDSAY, TAKE HEED.


@Melinda Lol that was a great comment! Made my day!


Sow Belly Lesbo


Rosie is so discusting. It doesn't matter what she says about Lohan. The fact that Rosie thinks she will not do well makes me want to root for her even more.


Bullying, loud-mouthed lesbo! Rosie needs to go home and raise her kids and spare us her snarky commentary! That's why like Ellen DeGeneres soooooo much better--hands down!


1.Rosie was on an early morning talk show and was asked a question, which she answered. 2.Lohan, like many politicians responds with ad hominem nonsense. She doesn't refute Rosie's comments, she just attacks her personally. 3.Her career is done, but the downward spiral still sells papers and puts asses in the seats.


I uesd to like Rosie, but not so much the last few years. The Queen of nice has turned bitter and needs to learn when to keep her opinions to herself. Rosie used to be all about lifting people up but now she is just full of put-downs.


Rosie get a life-at least Lindsay has a JOB unlike you-Lol


What's Lindsay got to bellyache about? She's getting a lot of free publicity as usual. She should worry that she has to attend a STAR event and pose like an silly starlet starting out in the business. Can she look anymore empty headed.

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