Lindsay Lohan Accused of Nightclub Fisticuffs

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Lindsay Lohan has been off probation for under two weeks and is already making more headlines with alleged nightclub antics, though she denies causing trouble.

She is accused of getting into an altercation with a woman in a club last week, with the accuser filing an incident report alleging battery at the hands of Lohan.

The woman claims Lindsay got into it with her at a nightclub Thursday. She says she was talking to a male friend of Lindsay's, which Lohan did not care for.

That's when she began pushing, shoving and hitting ... allegedly.

Lindsay Lohan Pantsuit

Law enforcement sources say they will investigate these claims, like they would any other incident like this, to determine their validity before proceeding.

LL's rep, Steve Honig, the hardest working man in LA, tells TMZ:

"Lindsay Lohan was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame."

According to sources close to Lohan, she denies any wrongdoing in this case, saying she wasn't even THERE, but rather at home that night watching TV.

The actress is said to be particularly frustrated by this accusation, since even when she stays home and avoids trouble, she feels it seems to find her anyway.

FYI, she was supposedly watching Homeland on Showtime. Good show.


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This has nothing to do with denifdeng Lindsay, but I feel like you've misunderstood the situation. She wasn't in and out of jail in 5 minutes. She's out on bail, and the 120 days is still ahead of her. Now whether she'll actually stay for 120 days is questionable


OMG !! i thought that was LeAnn Rymes !! Lindsay's getting old fast!!


asmrt girl


Don't you all get it?? F**KING UP IS IN HER DNA!!!


There had to be cameras everywhere somehow this time I believe her but I do have my fingers and toes crossed.


all i have to say are where are the witness'?


And there will always be those people who think she could never ever do anything wrong....even if the next time she decides to go to a nightclub beat someone up, get in her car drive drunk, maybe run someone over, and hit a tree. They will still believe in their "STAR" It's that kind of thinking that's the reason why we are losing so many of our talented singers and actresses / actors. No one wants to see past the brightness of stardom to the real person and problem.


Why cant this twat just stay home?? she needs to move back to long island, LA is for working actors, not washed up fame whores who can't stay outta trouble.


the police will figure out the sure this would be the last time someone saying that she did something...


The truth will come out, but I don't doubt either side of the story: 1)-That the woman is digging for fame and money, or 2)-That LL was involved in an altercation, cause I find it hard to believe she'd learn any lesson from the light handed handling she's had from our justice system. It's been like a joke, a bad joke.