Lifetime Confirms: Lindsay Lohan to Play Elizabeth Taylor

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Despite her recent nightclub altercation (and the other, strikingly similar recent nightclub altercation) Lindsay Lohan is set to star as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime original movie Liz & Dick, the network itself confirms.

Filming will begin in early June in Los Angeles, with LiLo as Liz.

Firecrotch Reloaded

For nearly a quarter of a century, Taylor and Richard Burton were Hollywood royalty and the fiery romance they shared was often called “the marriage of the century.”

It was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day.

Swarmed by press, Taylor and Burton’s love affair was one of the first romances to play out in the public eye ... something celebrity gossip staple Lohan can relate to.

Says Lifetime of the film and its lead:

"Despite their roller coaster romance for the public eye to see, Taylor and Burton shared an undeniable love greater than most people could have dreamed."

Regarding the announcement, Lohan said:

“I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well."

"I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

“We are thrilled Lindsay will portray beloved Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor,” added the network. “She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon.”

With any luck, she'll also stay sober throughout!

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lindsy l she playing elizbeth taylor wow
there makeup wig we see thedone hope it turn out all right


Elizabeth Taylor was a stunning, beautiful woman. Lindsay Lohan, because of her drinking and drugging looks 10 years older than she is, she is a mess. I cannot believe they chose her for this role, what the hell were they thinking? I do not believe there is an actress in Hollywood today who is close to Taylor's beauty. Therefore, do not make a movie about her it will not be convincing.


You have GOT to be kidding! What Lifetime, are you to cheap to pay a REAL actress to play the role of Liz Taylor? Or better yet, a pretty actress? Not miss freckles all over, donald duck lips, Lohan the Loser. NO amount of makeup will make her look anything LIKE the beautiful Liz. And for an actress to pull off this role, she'd need to have elegance & class; NIETher of which Lohan the Loser has. I for one wont even bother watching that 2 bit Lohan. Poor Liz & her family, how insulted they must be.


This is so bad,she is not a classy actress,for them to choose her to portray Liz Taylor should be a insult to Liz Taylor' s family.


this is a joke!


What a slap in the face of Liz Taylor....Shame on Lifetime for even considering Lindsay Lowlife


Maybe this will help get her back on track. She is a mess, but hopefully this is the boost she needs in her life. Best wishes. Oh yeah, and lifetime movies are free, aren't they? I love that channel. And hallmark.


The one thing Lifetime is counting on is that even those who don't like her will tune in just out of plain curiosity, and that will get the movie big ratings.
Don't be hyprocits; if you don't like her as an actress or a person, don't watch. Nothing personal, but I don't think she is Liz material, and won't bother to watch. Even though I think Katie Holmes is a complete ditz, I thought she played Jackie Kennedy beautifully, just like I thought she would.
The critics will have a field day with this one, I guarantee you.


I thought they were filming this so called movie in Canada. Now we in Southern California will have to hear and see every little piece of nonsense this given every chance in the world two bit so called actress does. I still don't see what they can do to improve her voice to sound anything like Taylor. Lindsay Lohan sounds more and more like truck driver with throat cancer every day.


There is nothing this freak could make that I would pay for!? Anything with Lindsay ~ won't see! She ain't worth a penny of my money! ~ LOOSER!!!!!!!


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