LeAnn Rimes to Pen Tell-All Book?

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LeAnn Rimes, country star and wife of Eddie Cibrian, is reportedly mulling a tell-all book in which she speaks candidly about romance, marriage and divorce.

The 29-year-old has been a celebrity gossip staple since her affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian - a tryst that broke up both of their marriages at the time.

Rimes and Cibrian first fell in love in 2009 on the set of the Lifetime's Northern Lights. After a scrutinized courtship, LeAnn and Eddie married last April.

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Rimes' rep is "putting out feelers" to find the right person to help write her autobiography and "tell LeAnn's side of the story in her own voice."

How juicy will it be? A publishing source says she "wants it to be a very honest book so she can speak directly to her fans and tell her side of the story."

"She's been through a lot of changes over the past few years," the insider adds, "and this is LeAnn's chance to speak candidly to her fans."

Also planning to write a book? Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted last month that her story "has been a long time coming [and it's] about surviving divorce."

Will both ladies take the literary high road? Or would this reignite what has been an ongoing, intermittent feud for years? We'll have to stay tuned.

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Sorry, but 29 year olds hardly have the life experiences necessary to REALLY write a book. And especially someone who runs around in a bikini all day should not be allowed to write a book and possibly make money. There are far too many talented writers out there who AREN'T given a chance to be heard. Leann should go in the bikini industry. It's her best bet.


What people have to remember is that in Leann's mind, Eddie is an OBJECT that can be stolen. In an interview she gave, Leann was asked, what ITEMS(something she owns) she would take with her if she was stranded on an island. She stated that the ITEMS she would take with her, were Eddie and his kids. So it's no use using the "people can't be stolen" line when Leann Rimes doesn't even consider Eddie and his kids people, they are merely OBJECTS to her. It's why she won't allow Eddie out of her sight for very long or stalks him at his "jobs" because she knows that he can be stolen.


Dee, she probably cannot write, which is why she is sending out "feelers" to those who can "help her"(likely meaning doing most of the creative work while she talks, ie ghostwriter) write the autobiography while she takes the full credit.


Leann didn't steal the man. It takes two to tango and for whatever reason his marriage had to be already in trouble. The problem for Leann is that one can't change the spots on a leopards back. This is a guy with a wandering eye. Leann is constantly with him or checking up on where he is. Not a healthy marriage, I suspect. I truly hope she doesn't have to live through the cheating husband scenario but the odds are stacked against her. Can only pray she doesn't start a family. Good luck to them both. By the way, I would probably read a book about her experiences.


leane from susan,, I have always appreciated your talent , gorgoeus fashion, but yet to deal with a married guy in lust or whatever with 2 kids is so sad, I am a victim of that triage in the same way-bank president and his accountant-with 2 daughters- so so painful and selfish. I love your singng, etc. and format but this guy is in total control on your personna and you are too thin and the dress you wore Do pray for you and get back to who you are. God bless


Didn't know she could form two sentences together, let alone write a book about her love life. Maybe she should have Kim K. help her tell her story, they are both in the same boat. The woman (and I use that term loosely) is a low life, home wrecking &#$# and my opinion of Eddie has gone down the drain too. Looking forward to Brandi's story!!!!


Leann is such a tool!! She is just putting this out there because Brandi is writing a book. This woman has harassed Brandi and been single white femaling her! Leann is crazy and I actually fear for Brandi's kids because Eddie will leave Leann clingy psychotic bitch eventually. I hope she does write a book because will no one will buy it. She should write a guidebook about how to break up a marriage and single white female ex wives!


Wow,her imagination does run wild,what an idiot!!! Wanna,just be somebody,don't you>>>>>>>>>>>>


Love these posts!! Especially the eating hay one. I could not agree more. I think her last album tanked so now she wants to write a book. Please just go crawl in a cave with that dirty bag. We are sick of you. I liked Brandi better.


Fascinating - Leann is going to write about how she screwed another woman's husband? And how she lives in a barn and eats hay all day?

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