Leah Messer: Fed Up With Critics

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Getting pregnant and married as a teenager certainly has its challenges, and Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is apparently fed up with some of her critics.

Leah has received backlash for getting knocked up, getting married, getting divorced and now getting married again. She even got jumped recently.

"People are ignorant," the newly-hitched 19-year-old tweeted recently, lashing out and explaining why she no longer looks at her mentions on Twitter.

Sad Leah Messer

Leah Messer married Jeremy Calvert last week at the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel in Ashland, Kentucky. It's the second marriage for the youngster.

She has twin daughters, Aleeah and Aliannah, with Corey Simms.

Not everyone is thrilled for Leah, however and some fans have chastised the reality star not just for her actions, but for not responding to messages.

She's had just about enough in any case.

"So many immature and inconsiderate people out yhrtr. If you're one of those please #growup," she tweeted from her @TM2LeahDawn account.

Leah has more than 450,000 Twitter fans, some of whom presumably don't hate her, so there might be some supporters in there too. Just saying.


Don't you people have enough going on in your lives? You have to b that worried about someone you don't even remotely know? Get lives and families of your own you loosers!! It's a reality show...watch it & move the hell on! Loosers!!!


Well its her fault no one told her to do the show she knew people would talk the real victim is corey hes a great guy who didnt deserve what she did to him. Good guys are hard to find and shes just bouncing around sleeping with everyone and wantin sympathy later mmmmhmm no maam. She deserved everything she got karmas a bitch and so is she.


Yes I agree 150% she did wrong. But ppl need to quit making her life problems their own business on tv as much as they do. Use her problems as an example of what u shouldn't do. I don't blame her for all the ridicule. If she wasn't on tv I bet no one would care jus sayinnn...


People portray her as the victim, and she's not the victim. The fact that she got pregnant at 16 is her fault, 100%. She was never victimized. She was never forced to sleep with Corey, having no say in the matter. She was never even forced to keep the child after finding out she was pregnant or that it was twins. The fact that she is on TV is her fault, 100%. She has signed on every season they've offered to her for years now. If she doesn't like that people watch the show and judge the things she does, wait until your season contract is up and don't sign the next one they offer to you. If you don't like that everyone judges everything about your life, don't share everything about your life with everyone. It's really that simple.


People really need to leave leah alone she is doing the best she knows how!! I'm sure if that was you on tv and we all saw your mistakes and we judged YOU you wouldn't like it either!!! SO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! #LEAH FAN!


Dear Kari, Let me leave out the fact that you misspelled the word 'you' every single time you used it in that comment, among other errors, and get straight to business. She admitted to cheating, we saw the divorce unfold, we saw all the drama happening. If MTV portrayed her unfairly, that's her problem, as the person who agrees to be filmed. Not mine. I am sure MTV leaves out certain things, but this would not be a problem if she weren't on TV. Nobody would be commenting on her life or her problems if she didn't sign up to do a reality tv show (because that ALWAYS ends well). Everything she's ever done while in the public eye has shown her poor judgement, and if you disagree, yours is shown, too.


jenna u need to shut up cause u dont know what u r talking about mtv leaves out alot and quit ALL your blah blah blah ans get her junk straight first. Leah was never pregnant with twins a second time. She didn't even know what she was talking about.


I get so irritated seeing these reality people who think they are stars saying get out of their lives! How about you get your life off my t.v. screen!! YOU ARE NO ROLE MODEL and GET A REAL JOB! You want to be on national television airing your dirty laundry expect the nation to give you their opinion!


Can't stand the heat? Get the hell out of the kitchen! She put herself, her children, their father and this new husband in the line of fire all for the sake of MTV and the almighty dollar. So put on your big girl panties and deal with the fallout!


This is spectacular! Simply put i appreciate reading your written content everytime I get feed alarm.

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