Lane Garrison Charged With Domestic Violence

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Actor Lane Garrison has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence following his alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Ashley Mattingly last week.

While it appeared Lane would be cleared as recently as mid-week, the L.A. County District Attorney filed the charges against him late Thursday.

Based on surveillance video which appears to show Lane slapping Ashley Mattingly in the face last Saturday, the D.A. felt he had a case to make.

Garrison insists he did not hit his ex, and says the tape helps his case.

Lane's lawyer says he was merely reaching for his phone at her Beverly Hills apartment and it was not a slap, but evidently the D.A. begs to differ.

Garrison is being held without bail because he's on a parole hold. He was convicted of vehicular DUI manslaughter back in 2007 and went to prison.

If convicted of domestic violence, he faces up to a year in jail, which is very unlikely, however, he could do even more time if his parole is violated.

That prospect is much more likely. Stay tuned.


I have been slapped very many times, much worse than this video. If you watch the video several times, when they are in the elevator, she actually slapped him first. You know, I will never date again because of my "mental" and "physical abuser", but this video shows she was as much to blame. She was an instigator. Why would she just not give his phone to him. Two sides to every story. Watch video, you will see she sent first "slap" (lower right corner, just watch). He is in trouble and she feels she has power. I do not care if it is a man or a woman, vindication is just horrible. I almost fell into the trap. P.S. Where I live they couldn't give a r..'s a.. what happens to a woman. She clearly knows how to hurt someone!

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