Kristen Stewart Named Best Dressed Celebrity

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She may not love to make public appearances, but Kristen Stewart looks darn good when she does venture out to the red carpet.

Nay, she looks better than any star alive, at least according to the editors of Glamour UK. They have named the Twilight Saga actress the Best Dressed Celebrity in the world.

Kristen Stewart Elle UK Cover

As for the worst? Don't worry, the magazine has handed out that dishonor as well... to Katie Price for the third year in a row.

Below, we list the publication's top five Best and Worst Dressed celebs. Do you agree with its assessments?

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Emma Watson
3. Victoria Beckham
4. Duchess of Cambridge
5. Florence Welch

1. Katie Price
2. Lady Gaga
3. Taylor Momsen
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Nikki Reed


I completely agree with the worst dressed list, although I personally would put Ke$ha up there instead of Nikki Reed. But K-Stew as #1?!?!?!? Ahead of the Dutchess of Cambridge and Victoria Beckham???????????????????????? Ummm.....NO. No.No.No.No.No.No.


I agree with you Jaelyn, Why even put Gaga in either categories. She is her own. But as far as the rest. I am a lil suprise but I guess its how u take photos and deliver it too


Congrats to KStew!


that´s got to be a joke! K-Stew????


@jaelyn i agree and even if your putting her on the list make her the worst dressed well I don't even think she goes in to the “dressed� she doesn't even have much clothing on by the way congrats for kristen she does deserve it


Why bother havin Gaga on the worst dressed list? She's an outlier, an anomaly who is so unique she simply does not fit into any 'list'. Way to go Elle, that's just dumb.

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