Kris Humphries to Subpoena, Expose Kim Kardashian!

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Kris Humphries isn't simply asking Kim Kardashian to show him the money.

According to a new tabloid report, he'll also be asking his ex-wife to show him the emails, texts and phone records. Legal system style!

Kim Kardashian: Cheater?!?

"He's ready to subpoena friends and family as well as producers of her reality shows," a Humphries insider tells Life & Style. "Once a subpoena is granted, it opens the floodgates for all types of evidence: emails, text messages, phone calls and more."

And, according to this insider, those exchanges will "prove a lot of things, like series setups, staged events and scripts." If asked about them under oath inside a courtroom, Kim would be legally obligated to tell the truth.

The same goes for any evidence that Kim cheated on Kris, though none actually exists in the above issue.

As these two battle back and forth, we must ask: Which side are you on in the divorce war?


She is cool I mean kim but acting fake I just hope the relationship between both kanye and kim works out


Shes so fake. At this point I don't care if he was using her to try and show how fake she it. GOD BLESS YOU KRIS!


Shows what a great manager her mother has been - not. She was married to a lawyer for years, you would have thought she would have learned something.


Wow sux to be kim right bout now. Lol! Way to go Kris H. Its bout time someone shows her true colors if its not gonna be her :) sorry kim but once everyone finds out the truth bout u, ur not gonna have to "act" fake anymore, they'll know ur truly fake just like ur ass, tits, and that cheek job. Yea u can't hide it from everybody lol!


this all needs to stop...get it done and over with already...people are sick of hearing about it! Gosh!


Well I'd watch the tramp in court. Now that's a picture to see!!


Haha good don't let it go. I bet she wishes this would all go away and she can go back to her fake self again...

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