Kris Humphries on Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West: Whatever Man!

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Kris Humphries is so over Kim Kardashian.

According to sources close to the NBA star, that is. The New Jersey Nets forward is said to be "completely indifferent" to the news Kim is dating Kanye West.

Simply put, Kris is focused on the divorce being finalized and not concerned with Kim's new relationship(s). They split up for a reason, after all.

With each passing day, Kris is more sure than ever that Kim "doesn't represent the things he believes in" and wants to wash his hands of her.

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As for Kanye West's "Theraflu" assertion that he could've had Nets co-owner Jay-Z kick Humphries off the team, Kris' friends note - correctly - that Jay does not even make personnel decisions, and regardless, the mogul is a fan of Kris.

Meanwhile, a report in Star (we know, we know), says Kris doubts Kim's faithfulness to him during their incredibly long marriage ... yadda yadda yadda.

“Kris knows that while he was with Kim, he was completely faithful and has serious doubts that she could say the same,” a fake Humphries insider said.

Star even goes as far as to say that “Kris found out that Kim was cheating with Kanye West while they were engaged,” an insider told the magazine.

“Kris knows for a fact that this dalliance has been going on at least two years.”

So he has serious doubts, yet knows for a fact? Way to keep your story straight, fake tabloid source. Still, it wouldn't be surprising, knowing Kim.

“Kris knows that Kanye NEVER would have recorded those lyrics about Kim without her permission, period,” says the insider of West's new track.

Probably true. Nothing about Kim is unscripted.



Kanye is such a rude-ass THUG and Kim is such a talentless WHORE!!!!!


Ha ha Kris was a nobody before he met kim?? lmao obviously you've never watched sports. He is famous for an actual talent. Unlike Kim. She is famous because of her sex tape, men she dates and having cameras follow her. She and kanye seriously deserve each other. They are both trash with money. This is Kris's best year in basketball ever! I'd definitely thank her for that one. She was his first marriage. He wasn't hers lol. Oh and TEAM KRIS! HA


WOW!!!!! This is just crazy! First of all if you dont like Kim then why do you read all the articles? Look clearly Kim has bren known to fall hard very fast. This does not make her a whore, or even a bad person. Kris was a nobody prior to dating Kim. Lets be honest how many of you knew of him before? Very few Im guessing, but that doesnt mean he got with her to get his name out there. I thimk.they both just jumped the gun, got wrapped up in the whole idea of getting married and unfortunatlly it just didmt work between them. Anyone who watched the show could see that they both were so different that it wasnt going to last. Lets just let it rest and mobe on.


how can you people believe anything that lying jackass is saying if you watched Kourteny and Kim take new york he was the one lying and probably cheating on her when she wasn't around but the cameras didn't catch it or they cut it out so viewers couldn't see it and
kris deserves nothing because his the reason their getting a divorce Kim deserves to be happy just like rest of us dating someone that makes her happy which the ones that wrote rude comments about Kim not thinking that wow that jerk off is lying to get more money out of Kim are assholes to right along with Kris Humphries when he was trying to get gigs and other things while using Kim's name and the rest of you should get jobs just like kim kardashian because she does events and advertise products for companies and has a clothing and perform line out with and without her sisters


@mos ur the racist idiot. go get ur green card and a job! im sure ur sorry ass is layed up collecting ur baby mama's welfare check. hows that for stereotyping dumb ass??


None of them should get a ck! Kris right along w/ the plan. I'm definitely NOT a fan of Kim!!! Kim and Kris were both dishonest!!! Crying no tears for the both of them (liars)!


He should be happy that he got rid of that trash and without having to raise a baby with her and whatever monies he can get out of deal because she should have to pay for her misdeeds.


I am sure Kris is laughing all the way to the bank. He is a handsome, rich man who will do just fine in life. Any woman would love to have him. She is a washed up, discusting tramp that needs to be dropped out of the spotlight. She deserves Kanye, and he deserves her. Sick excuse for people. I'm definitely on team KRIS!


Kim likes the publicity which brings on the money. That is all she is really interested in. Anyone who comes into her life is just there for a short time. It is all part of her game in life.


All you fat white female cows are so jealous of Kim. Who gives afck how she became famous. You fat out of shape racist cows get on here and all I see are your ignorant comments. you're basically saying she's a whore because she only like black cock? So if she only liked white cock then its all ok? I'm hispanic and our color comes in all different shades. So get over your racist BS and the fact that you were probably fat and ugly your entire life, and you probably couldn't give away your sex tape for free...hell you probably couldn't find someone to want to have sex with your double chinned azz! the same goes for you nasty racist red necks men. Just accept the fact that your ugly!

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