Kris Allen Debuts New Song on American Idol Results Show

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Last night's American Idol results show featured what many would consider another surprising elimination. Were you in favor of who voters sent home?

But do you know what did not come as a surprise to any veteran viewer of this Fox hit? That former champion Kris Allen took to the stage that made him famous and impressed once again, this time with the debut of his latest single, "The Vision of Love."

Watch the performance now and then pity poor Taylor Hicks, who helped introduce Allen after awkwardly telling the crowd he'd be performing in Las Vegas this summer... to pretty much no reaction. How did that guy beat Katharine McPhee again?

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Kris's performance was one of the best performances on AI in the past few years. Every time I see him, I am reminded how good he is & why he won his season.


Amazing performance! The song is catchy and Kris' voice is beautiful. Kris looks happy, confident and hot so all is good :)


Let just be honest here- Kris is adorable, a mediocre singer at best, his falsetto was weak, his voice is weak, still liked his performance 100 times better than LFMFO . Only here because it's idol webite and can't wait for the singer of this generation adam lambert on may 17th!!!


Really enjoyed Kris Allen's performance. It was good to see him back on the Idol stage and my TV. I love his new single and just bought it and ordered his album from iTunes. Really hope I get to see him in concert this Summer.


I love Kris and his band, they were amazing! Such a great job with the staging, the visuals, the glow sticks!!! Very cool!


Kris' performance was really good and The Vision Of Love is a great song. It deserves all the love. I don't know almost anything about Taylor Hicks but he looks like a nice guy and seemed to be happy.


This article is entitled "Kris Allen Debuts New Song on American Idol Results Show" ... so if you don't like Kris, why are you here reading this?! And if you're gonna slam Kris, cough Keith cough, you need to get your facts straight. Kris is a highly respected musician, and the fact that he toured with Keith Urban, Maroon 5 and Lifehouse (to name a few) says tons. So why don't you guys find an article about your rock "god" [with a very small g] and comment on it? As for last night, Kris and his band were amazing. It was so cool to see him return to the idol stage where he WON Season 8!! Love his new single so much!!! The Vision of Love is gonna be a hit!!


I'm no Taylor Hicks fan but I think he sold a helluva lot more records then Kris ever did and he can headline 8 weeks in Vegas where Kris can barely get 300 people to come to a small club. j/s


LOVED it, he is sooo good