Kobe and Vanessa Bryant to Reconcile?

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Is a reconciliation between Los Angeles Lakers all-star Kobe Bryant and his estranged wife Vanessa Bryant imminent? Recent photos sure suggest it's far from unlikely.

For the second time in two months, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, who filed for divorce in December, were photographed together with their two daughters.

On Sunday, Kobe stuck around Staples Center to watch Game 3 of the Kings-Canucks NHL playoff series. He and his family sat a few rows above the glass:

Kobe, Vanessa Bryant Pic

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, who have been rumored to be getting back together ever since they split, sat apart from each other with their girls in between.

In February, Vanessa attended the Lakers-Hawks game on Valentine’s Day and the two were pictured kissing in a tunnel. That will start rumors, for sure.

Kobe has reportedly promised not to cheat again and begged for another chance, but it doesn't appear he's officially gotten it from Vanessa ... yet.

In any case, though, they clearly get along much better than most couples in the middle of a divorce. If nothing else, that's good for their kids' sake.

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Just wait. In time, Kobe may well meet the love of his life. An all-encompassing femme fatale. He will be powerless. He will give up much just to be with her. Being a serial adulterer, Kobe has not found that soulmate yet possibly. Instead, these women only provided amusement and a break from marital boredom. If he stays on his "fishing expediton" I'm afraid he'll reel in the catch of his life. When he does....that's when he'll walk and not look back.


I think they should get back together,i mean Kobe is considered the best professional basket ball player of this error but he his human and all humans make mistakes.Besides these two are in love and two kids together why throw all that away from one mistake?


i do hope they get back together, they have two beautiful children together and it seems, that unlike other ex-couples who r busy finding new partners for themselves which, definitely means dt they were not happy with their respective exes. this couple seems to be adamant at making a good family for their children and he seems adamant to win her back, they've been together for like 2 decades. m sure there's more love then hatred and doubt..:)


Hope she doesnt. Once a cheater, ALWAYS ONE!!

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