Kim Kardashian on Kanye West Dating Rumor: You Never Know...

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For reasons that defy comprehension, Kim Kardashian guest-hosted The Today Show this morning, sitting alongside Ann Curry and responding to a number of questions about her personal life. The most pressing at the moment, of course, being:

Is she really dating Kanye West?
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

"Kanye and I have been friends for years," Kim simply said, nailing the line given to her by her PR team. "You never know what the future holds."

Among other topics covered in the ratings stunt:

What is her marital status? "We are still going through a divorce, so there's not really much that I'm allowed to talk about. Out of respect for [Kris Humphries], I try not to talk about stuff involving him and regarding that situation."

Was the marriage a sham? Kim labeled such chatter "ridiculous" and blabbed: "I love really hard. I fall hard, and I followed my heart. When things don't work out, that's sometimes just how life is. What's the point in dragging something out... when you know that it's just not it for you?"

How does she feel about PETA, following her recent flour bombing? "It's just a little odd to me that their whole message is non-violence towards animals yet they are violent towards humans... I have vintage furs that were my great-grandmothers that mean the world to me. I think it's a personal choice, but I don't think it's okay to assault anybody."

Whatever. Let's get back to Kim and Kanye: do you think they'll last as a kouple?


Oh it's the SLUT and the IDIOT - match made in HOG heaven!!!


Hey Bee,yu b 1 stupid dumb a--.

Ms billie

Kim is a very intelligent woman and she knows how she wants to live her life and not live it. I agree with her 100% why live with someone you know you don't want to live with, there's simply no reason to prolong a bad choice. My question is how can you possibly hate someone you don't even know, that's just plain crazy? All you know about her is what the media puts out there true or false. But then I'm guessing those of you that condemn her thinks you yourself haven't made any mistakes or bad choices in life. Also what's the big deal with her not wanting to be alone or wanting someone to love. That's human nature and something everyone wants in their life. And if you're saying you don't want that then you're a liar and pathetic.


Wow,going from White low life trash,to Black low life trash.I guess she's color blind.


These two deserve each other...the two most obnoxious, offensive, nauseating, crude, egotistical, and untalented celebrities ever to hit the red carpet.


I love them both!!!!!! Don't know how good they gonna work together if they are dating. But personally nobody knows what gonna happen when u dating somebody. Stop hating on Kim!


It really gets to me when some people put others down because they dont want to be lonely. Who does? Having been divorced then remarring only to lose my second husband to getting married for a third time, its not fun or any good for someone to go through life lonely. Its not pathetic for Kim or any one else to try to hang with friends or even start dating. Good Luck Kim I wish you well.


The young woman most folks love to hate! And the media keeps spoon-feeding her to us! Why aren't we protesting the American media instead of Kim?!? They are the ones who decide her coverage. She's beyond over-exposed anyway!!!!!!


She is so pathetic. Seems like she dates 1. For the publicity and 2. Because she is so desperate to be in love and not alone. So, so pathetic...


I hate kim kardashian


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