Kim Kardashian on Kanye West Dating Rumor: You Never Know...

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For reasons that defy comprehension, Kim Kardashian guest-hosted The Today Show this morning, sitting alongside Ann Curry and responding to a number of questions about her personal life. The most pressing at the moment, of course, being:

Is she really dating Kanye West?
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

"Kanye and I have been friends for years," Kim simply said, nailing the line given to her by her PR team. "You never know what the future holds."

Among other topics covered in the ratings stunt:

What is her marital status? "We are still going through a divorce, so there's not really much that I'm allowed to talk about. Out of respect for [Kris Humphries], I try not to talk about stuff involving him and regarding that situation."

Was the marriage a sham? Kim labeled such chatter "ridiculous" and blabbed: "I love really hard. I fall hard, and I followed my heart. When things don't work out, that's sometimes just how life is. What's the point in dragging something out... when you know that it's just not it for you?"

How does she feel about PETA, following her recent flour bombing? "It's just a little odd to me that their whole message is non-violence towards animals yet they are violent towards humans... I have vintage furs that were my great-grandmothers that mean the world to me. I think it's a personal choice, but I don't think it's okay to assault anybody."

Whatever. Let's get back to Kim and Kanye: do you think they'll last as a kouple?


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Ut oh Reggie, looks like Kayne West has got the bigger dick and knows how to use it..


@....Ohhhhh...don't drag race into this! Kim is despised by many for her many gaffes and bits of bad behavior! Not to mention, that she is fame-obsessed! No matter WHO she dates it comes back to who cares. She never lasts with anyone anyway. It's a personal problem for her.'s about HER! No one else.


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Kim and Kanye Kardashian.
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