Kim Kardashian in Lingerie: Instagramed!

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Let's hope Kanye West is not a jealous man. Because his rumored new lover has taken to Instagram to show the world her new figure.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian is once again posing in lingerie and sharing it with the world, this time because she's shilling for some meal delivery company called Sunfare. Kim lies claims she lost 10 pounds in 10 days by following its sugar-free, gluten-free guidelines.

Incredibly, she's actually wearing more layers here than she did a few weeks ago when she posted a different photo on Twitter. Kardashian, of kourse, went topless in that one.

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photo
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Dear Yahweh:   If I become a Jehovah's Witness and vow never again to celebrate my birthday will you stop with the endlessKardashian stories? PLEASE?!?!?!


if kim and her sisters couldnt talk nasty or take off clothes, they couldnt make a dime. everyday(pictures tweeted or sold to magazines) and every show they make, has to show skin or have them talk vulgar.its sad that they feel that its all they have to offer and now the youngers girls seem to be following in their foot steps.i feel sorry for lamar, he is a prop and it has cost him (respect). khloe when on the talk shows talking trash about kris hump and he is having the best year ever.


Obviously she get's the most money from being a self-absorbed tramp. She has become a laugh a day at how desperate she is!!


That's not KockROACH, it's Latoya Jackson.


This narcissistic pig just can't stop it with the 24/7 photo bombardment. If she isn't hawking some crap product that doesn't work or falls apart, she's Tweeting pics of her flabby tits & ass. Will someone bump this chick off the planet!!


What a trashy woman! And to think her mother puts her up to all this. They should be ashamed! There is no self respect for a woman like that.


Here we go AGAIN kim LOOK AT ME so SAD


ook I'm a woman and I'm just gona say this she is a pig..... The next time she whines and says somone is exploiting her by putting nude pictures of her in their magazines somone hit her in the mouth..... And kris hump I'm gona tell you what my mother told my brothers you can't turn a whore into a housewife


pHotoshopped again. Just saw a photo of her on hols in the dominican rep and actually she looked
Fat and not toned at all. Too much lying down w/K.