Khloe Kardashian Suffers Miscarriage ... According to Tabloid

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Just two months ago, Khloe Kardashian apparently came closer than ever to becoming a mother ... only to suffer a miscarriage. According to In Touch Weekly.

The tabloid reports that the miscarriage devastated her emotionally.

Her rep denies the failed pregnancy even took place. So it goes ...

Khloe Kardashian Miscarriage?

“She’s trying to put on a brave face, but it’s so hard,” reveals a most likely fake friend of Khloé, who had been so excited by the news she was pregnant.

She’d already begun checking out prenatal yoga classes and doulas, the magazine claims, but now that it didn't work out, “She is really depressed.”

That is pretty rough. Especially after being abandoned by her man on the cover of the same magazine a week earlier. ITW really has it out for Khloe.

Seriously, we know the girl has made her struggles to have kids public, but there's no need to have Khloe Kardashian miscarry in a fake pregnancy.

Why even go there if it's not true? It's kind of wrong, and there's legit Kardashian gossip going on! Just stick with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! They're actually dating!


I just love the Kardashians. Those who don't, go to heal and stop being jelousy


I cannot believe how nasty people would talk about anyone let alone The Kardashians. These girls do the best they can to make a living and put themselves in the limelight only to be bashed all the time. These girls are just people. If Khloe wants a baby and is MAYBE having trouble then instead of talking shit and being rude maybe you should be thankful you have 5 kids already shaked up in that trailer instead of judging her and saying she doesn't deserve a baby. Who the hell are you douchebags to judge.


agree with Diane green!


please, no kuntdashian spawns :(


For the Kartrashians it is all about face on.... tv, tabloids, radio or toilet paper they don't care as long as they are in the view of the public so that the public get curious and either watch their garbage show or buy their garbage goods. Don't get caught up in the lies that is the talent that they have lying is the way they made their money. You outhere don't get taken for fools, they dont give a damn about you... they want your money either through the ratings or buying, buying , buying. MB


WHO GIVES A F*CK. The Kardashians are a unch of whiny a** spoiled b*tches who got famous not for having any real talent of their own, but because of who their family are. They all look like hideous trolls. Boo life is sooo difficult with all this money and fame...wah wah wah. Let's not forget about all of those who live in poverty and don't have anything.


leave khloe and lamar alone if it is true she suffered a miscarriage then people need to feel sorry for her not rubbish her, it is hard to lose a child, and as for her marriage , all marriages go throught tough times

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