Khloe Kardashian Refutes Miscarriage Rumor, Loves Kanye West

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Khloe Kardashian sat in with the ladies of The Talk yesterday and set the record straight regarding the latest tabloid rumor: she has never suffered a miscarriage.

"I'm only laughing because it's so ridiculous," Khloé said on the CBS gabfest. "I typically don't address a lot of the tabloids because 90 percent of what they write is false. But when you talk about someone having a miscarriage, that's so personal and so hurtful… That's such bad karma - is that how much you guys need to sell magazines?"

Even we must agree with the reality star on this one. Low blow, In Touch Weekly.

But what about the chatter that's growing louder everyday: is sister Kim Kardashian really dating Kanye West?!?

"Kanye's been a family friend of ours forever," Khloé said, beating around the publicized bush. "And I love Kanye. I think he is an amazing person. He is, truly, so sweet. I think sometimes he gets a bad rep in the media, but he's always been a great friend to Kim and to all of us."

Fortunately, Kardashian was a bit more forthcoming when asked if Britney Spears would make a good X Factor judge. Watch her respond to that question in the following video:


You people are really stupuid..leave these people alone. They only making money ..if you don't like them don't watch the show but you don't have to be ignorant and bash them for living a good life..and they must be important for you to take the time out of your day to post a comnent about them..I love them...


,Pls u guys should just liv dis family alone,stop sayin what u dnt realy know. Go khloe, go kim, go khortney, am ur numba one fan




Y r u guys so hateful, yll ure h8tin on dem, deyre makn their money nd enjoyn their lives. Nd i rilly dnt undastnd, if u dnt admire dem , y r u commenting , u gyz r just rilly bad haters


She needs to NOT be on t.v. Please get her off my. T.V.!


Why are they giving these worthless pieces of crap air time???


Someone please tell this family to shut up for once!! So annoying!! Shame on Ellen!!!!


All these Khloe stories. I guess Pimp Momma is trying to distract from poor ratings and Lamar getting fired for acting like a big baby.


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