Khloe & Lamar Recap: Babies on the Brain

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This week on Khloe & Lamar, Odom continued struggling to Dallas, while the topic of kids kame up ... surely without any prompting from the producers.

"No matter where I turn, everyone asks me when can they expect a baby," Khloe fake laments. "And now Lamar's grandmother. No pressure whatsoever."

Ryan Seacrest Productions is really cracking the whip, it's true.

There's no manufacturing the drama in Lamar's career, however, as his tenure in Dallas was a miserable failure and ended with him leaving the team.

But that's for another episode. On to Sunday's recap!

Lamar Odom on the Mavs

"If I don't take advantage of the time I have in the game, who knows if I'm going to get the change again." - Lamar. True, his stock TANKED in Big D. Minus 40.

But hey, at least he's due $8 million in 2012-13 regardless. Plus 20.

Kim Kardashian komes to keep Khloe kompany. Booooo! Minus 25.

Khloe reveals what she thinks is the real source of Lamar's problem: the murder of his cousin. No points, because the crickets are too loud for us to think.

"Lamar has never been able to be the one to break down," Khloe says. "I don't think he realizes what's really bothering him." She could be right. Plus 10.

Kim: "I'm a little worried about Khloe, just because she's always been the toughest out of all of us, doesn't really care what people say and comments don't really get to her. So, I really think that the fact that Khloe's not pregnant right now is starting to affect her." Minus 30 for klearly reading kue kards.

Wow, so Lamar is totes jealous that Scott Disick got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant again. Plus 10 because at least he's honest about it.

Kim brings up the idea of IVF. Minus 15 because we're expected to believe Kim even knows what that means and Khloe is sent reeling.

Khloe & Lamar Logo

Kourt tries to mediate on the phone, telling Khloe: "I don't think Kim is trying to make you feel bad. She probably isn't realizing that you get asked about this all the time ... I'm sure she's just trying to help." Or reading the skript. Plus 5.

Khloe apologizes and klears the air with Kim. Plus 5.

Lamar has his first, and very possibly last, strong game in a Dallas Mavericks uniform. All is right with the world for one Sunday night. Plus 15.



kloe and lomar i am a great fan of your show , i think you both are great togather, i'm hoping that something will happen soon,about hte baby. You guys still have a lot of time.People will always have something to say, my advice is concentrate on each other dont be negetive and you will see how things work out.


I have a feeling that this is all for the reality show. Khloe's doctor already let her know that she is fine and should have no problem getting pregnant. Khloe can get IVF, but I think she secretly knows that the trade and other factors would be hard on a new mom, so she's waiting for the right time.


Do like Angie and Brad and adopt a few kids, then by then you can have three more naturally. It is a win, win situation!


Honestly I wish the author could spell the words correctly instead of being ignorant and using the K in replace of the "c" for the sake of whatever. And honestly I really hope Khloe relaxes...people really need to stop pressuring, it is so unfair to her.


You know this is for Lamar and Khloe, I Know what you going thru, there was a time that I Lost my daughter then wanted a baby but couldn't. When you are not thinking of making a baby,or under stress, it does happen,I have a beautiful daughter now, when you least expect it it happens, and faith.


I think you're the only people who watch this tedious show.


Kloe and lamar actually needs a baby

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