Katy Perry on American Idol: Pre-Recorded "Part of Me" Performance Booed By Audience

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Katy Perry performed on American Idol Thursday night.

Sadly, it was pre-recorded, leading to a chorus of boos from an audience that was beyond pumped for her to treat them to a live rendition of "Part of Me."

While awaiting the week's American Idol results, the crowd was screaming and squealing in anticipation of Perry, one of the biggest stars in music today.

Katy Perry on American Idol

For whatever reason, the stage manager and audience coordinator refused to let the crowd in on the secret that the performance was actually pre-taped.

According to E! Online, they kept teasing enraptured fans, saying, "Should we tell them? Do you want to tell them? OK, let's just let it be a surprise."

That "surprise" sucked royally. Disappointed Katy Perry fans began booing and being vocal about their disapproval of only seeing a pretaped performance.

Pretty weak for sure. Why not just say it up front? Anyway, you can still watch Perry's pre-taped rendition of "Part of Me," her latest hit, after the jump:


For anyone who says Katy can't sing live, I suggest you watch this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... And also........for those slating her..... I bet you have never tried to sing and dance at the same time. I am in musicals, and it's bloody difficult. I take my hat off to her!


I am a fan of katy perry and i enjoyed the performance it didnlt bother me that i was pre-recored.


Auto-Tune was invented for singers like Katy Perry. The problem is they hear themselves on the radio and then they think they can really sing. Katy and Will-I-Am should do a album together and they can call themselves The Black Eyed Auto-Tuners.


Don't talk shit about something you don't know. Unless you were there you really don't know the reason for pre recording the performance Katy perry is amazing and guarantee she can out sing all of you haters :)


That is so low. Why would you say it was live when it's really pre-recorded. This is why i don't watch American Idol anymore they have people lip sync on a LIVE tv show. Nice job! >:(


I Love when already famous singers come on American Idol and get completly outsung by every contestant on the show who are the supposed "amateurs" Katy Perry needs to stay away from the live performances, she is a "recording" artist and nothing more


I was there for the taping (the night before - Wednesday). Yes, Katy was sick, she was coughing and sniffling. They recorded it 2 times because one of the dancers fell from the rope and they wanted a do-over. The song sounded amazing live, and the fact that she wasn't feeling well made it even better. She's sweet too, and joked w/the audience and thanked us. I will tell you this, no one boo'd watching her on Wednesday night. Thursdays loss was Wednesdays gain.


I never noticed this since the beginning was so awful I fast forwarded through the rest.


Well that is just aweful! Why would they "tease" the audience with something like that? That is plain rude! Usually a "tease" is a good thing, but this is disappointing! Shame on you American Idol stage manager and audience coordinator. You should have been up front with them.


they mean pre-recorded as in she was not there you guys. she didn't lip-sync, she just wasn't there. they ended up showing a video of her performing unfortunately. i do agree they should have just been up front with the audience.

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