Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd: Kissing at Coachella!

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Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd may or may not be "dating" but they are definitely hooking up. These photos of them at Coachella leave no doubt about that.

The pop sensation and the Florence and The Machine guitarist, who were also spotted together at the music festival last weekend, were all over each other.

According to some reports, Katy, who was linked to Baptiste Giabiconi just last month, was already referring to him as her "boyfriend." One can see how:

Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd

Looks like Perry is ready to move on from her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell Brand, who filed for divorce back in December after 14 months of marriage.

Brand and Perry have been on relatively good terms since then, with Brand refusing to make a play for Katy's money and expressing nary a harsh word.

He's even keeping the tattoo he got in honor of her. Who said all breakups had to be contentious? Anyway, here's more photos of Katy and Robert Ackroyd:

Katy Perry Kissing
Katy Perry, Robert Ackroyd
Katy Perry, New Boyfriend

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


Hello Ladies :D


Man that guy is sooo lucky!! Would have been an amazing night just being there with her, damn!


she's so cute


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the first comment is a really stupid comment! its none of your bussiness!! Let me remind you that russell was the one who filed for divorce, he wanted to move on and he did a month after he is seen with a woman &she even praised him saying he's so amazing! so cause katy tries to move on everybody talks shit but when russell was out with other women ppl said nothing, get a life ppl!!!


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So glad to see her happy. She is such a beautiful girl.

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