Kanye West Changes Title of "Theraflu" To...

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Kanye West still claims to love Kim Kardashian in his latest single, but he has relevant breaking news regarding the track initially dubbed "Theraflu."

It is now titled "Way Too Cold," a move Kanye labels as a "creative decision" on his official website, but more likely one made in response to backlash from Theraflu manufacturer Novartis, which released the following statement soon after the song hit the Internet:

"Novartis Consumer Health in no way endorses or approves of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner."

West is also facing fire from PETA for a lyric in the single that mentions how his "mink is draggin' on the floor." Don't look for him to give in to those attention-starved morons, though.

They suck, and he's too busy pretending to be in a relationship with Kardashian.


WTF?!?! Why does this article refer to PETA as "attention starved morons"? Its an organization for animal rights, how disappointing that THG would insult them. Maybe THG needs to find new people to write articles.


Who on earth would actually stand up for the fur industry after seeing what they do? Wtf


Kanye is one ugly lookin arrogant mofo..whats even worse is kims taste in men. The only variety this girl has is light skinned and dark skinned black guys..switch it up a lil kim!!


Idiot. He deserves KockROACH.


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