Justin Bieber Wrote a Song About Mariah Yeater?!?

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While most everyone else on the planet has forgotten the name Mariah Yeater by now, Justin Bieber is once again making it clear that this blackmailing 20-year old remains very much on his mind.

A couple days after the singer taunted Yeater over Twitter, he told reporters in London that he actually wrote a single about the young woman who tried to sue him for paternity of her child last year.

"There's a song about that girl that said she was gonna have my baby, Mariah Yeater," Justin said at a press event. "There are songs about things I'm going through. I wrote songs about different situations."

Justin Bieber at Rockefeller Plaza
Mariah Yeater Mug Shot

Bieber added that he penned 40 tracks for the album - titled "Believe" and set to own the music charts starting on June 19 - and isn't sure if the Yeater single will be included.

"Every song has a piece of me," the Biebs told BBC News. "It's so cool to do different styles and step out of my comfort zone."


Didnt he once say that haters make you famous? What the fuck does he think hes doing to her? Hes making her more famous by bringing up the whole situation again and now he has made a song about her? Is he serious? This is exactly what mariah wanted in the first place: attention and justin is basically giving it to her.


He can write about whatever he wants... Yeater is probably trying to get someone else in trouble for her baby by now. He can say what he wants to also... why make a big deal out of nothing?


ok that bitch needs to back off of my little brother! he is my friend and nobody messes with my friends!


Mariah wanted her name in the headlines, and she basically vanished once people started to realize that her story about being impregnated by Justin was bogus. Now that Justin has revealed that he's writing a song about her, she's going to get that attention she craved again; people will want to do interviews with her to ask what she thinks about the song and what she's doing with her life now. She might even be able to make money off the situation again.


Justin, you need to just stop letting that freak get to you. It's obvious she's a little tramp, so no one even believes her story anyway.


Hes free to stew in it for as long as he chooses to sing about it. Somebody that low is not going to care what anyone calls her. Hes showing that she got to him, and thats a classless move. His new single is lame and hes acting like a dumb gangsta. Maybe he will look back as an old man and realize how lame he became. A positive role model for kids is someone who teaches positive lessons and shows boys how to become men.

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