Jon Gosselin Denies Deadbeat Dad Report

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Jon Gosselin is many things: a loser. A douchebag. An attention-starved idiot with bad taste in women.

But he's not a deadbeat dad, at least not according to the former reality star himself.

Following a report that claimed Gosselin owed his awful ex-wife $3,557.06 in child support, the father of eight has taken to Twitter and shot down this rumor, setting the record straight via some basic accounting.

Smiling Jon Gosselin

"There is no story, I pay CS," Jon wrote. "The state site is my recurring balance, so guess what, it will always be there. Every month. Paid in full... Great digging up a story about nothing. Find something else to write a story about. I pay my water bill too, why don't you make that a story. Morons."

Okay, fine. In this case, point Jon Gosselin. But have you seen the disaster this guy was married to for many years? And had sex with at least twice? Dude is still way behind on the scorecard.



Ok he is a loser but would YOU wanna live with Kate? Really? She treated him like 1 of the kids. As for child support, thats between them and cs. Nobody else should have access to that info. My sil is owed over $40k and no one is worried about that! And for 8 kids, 3k cant even be that far behind. Move on.


Man up and pay your child support. You were there to breed them.


I feel sorry for this guy! That kate is a total bitch. She is loaded so dont feel sorry for her over 3 grand.


This has nothing to do with who did what to who. Jon needs to pay up be a man and stop lying and crying about it.


First, anyone who watched the show knows that BOTH Jon and Kate had flaws. Second, Jon has went back to working a NORMAL job to support his brood. Kate has done everything possible to keep her name in the headlines. Third, even if he was only 3000 behind, for 8 kids that shows he pays what he can. My ex is 20000 behind on 2!!! Dont get me wrong, im not team Jon, (or Kate for that matter) but give the guy a break!!!


He knew what she was like when he married her. Then he had eight children by her then dumps her and the kids. Pitiful.


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