Jessica Sanchez Asks: How Will I Know?

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You know what they say: if at first you succeed historically well at covering a late legend, try, try again.

That's exactly the advice Jessica Sanchez took on American Idol this week, as she followed up her version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" from last month with a take here on the more upbeat "How Will I Know?"

Was it on par with Jessica's initial Whitney performance? No. But that would have been nearly impossible to match. The judges were clearly impressed, with Jennifer Lopez expressing shock over such a big voice emanating from such a small body.

Where do you stand on Jessica Sanchez? Enough Whitney or more Whitney? Watch and react now:

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@marelle If you could hear Jessica's rendition of How will i know (Studio version), kinda touch on whitney's, that was perfection for me. On their duet (with joshua) I knew you were waiting for me, all i can say is Jessica really got pitchy on some notes but really did a great job. Jessica is a great singer while Joshua is a great screamer!(I like Joshua but, u know, every time he hit high notes he's always screaming). These are just my observations. Correct me if i'm wrong. Thank you!


She will win this whole competition. Mark my words. She got it--looks, voice, fashion, talented young girl


Nope Marelle.I completely disagree! If you have to be objective, you will notice these. Jessica got pitchy on SOME NOTES (everybody let just be true!) BECAUSE she has a swollen vocal cords/vocal fatigue when she performed last wednesday night( on " HOW WILL I KNOW & I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING") . In my 22 years of singing it has always been a part of my life to experience that voice sickness sometimes i just lost my voice, went pitchy, hoarseness which is really a dread for me . YOU GOTTA BE OBSERVANT! think twice before you throw such words.


It was an effortless performance coming from a 16 year old. I have never seen such talent from AI for so many years. She can sell millions of albums around the world. She'd probably win Grammy awards too. She's too precious to be ignored by any record dealers. You can't get technical criticism on her because she is just so PERFECT.


I think pitchy is Hollie Cavanagh, Jessica as pitchy is too far-fetched an idea.


You probably need to take music class so as to educate yourself of what pitchy means. We've been choir members for many years and she sounded perfect. Or maybe you need to see a doctor to have your ears check!


Marelle = DeAndre


@marelle; better shut up...u dunno wat u r talking about...go go jessica....


@marelle. I don't know if i was really deaf not to notice the pitchy parts you have said on jessica's delivery. I personally think that it was another perfect rendition. Contrary to what you have said. There was no pitchy part at all. it was another flawless performance for

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