Jennifer Williams: Slapped on Basketball Wives, Slapping Nia Crooks With Lawsuit

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Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams cannot BELIEVE Nia Crooks slapped her in the face on this week's episode, and has slapped her with a lawsuit in return.

Filing a civil complaint alleging assault and battery Wednesday, Jennifer seeks damages from Nia - Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada's personal assistant.

According to Williams, Crooks was "negligent, reckless and careless" when slapping Jennifer across the face during an altercation that took place January 21:

"Someone needs to put a number on this bitch and let her race around the track because she's acting like an animal," Williams said of Crooks on Monday.

The episode documented the fight taking place in a VIP suite at Gulfstream Park racetrack in Florida, in which Williams says she suffered "serious injuries." 

She alleges she "suffered pain, shock [and] mental anguish" after being slapped by Crooks as their cast mates and VH1 crew members tried to break it up.

Williams is seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages from Crooks.

"Violence used against any woman is wrong," the reality star says.

"I chose to use the justice system to fight back. If I can have a positive effect for women by fighting back with civil litigation it serves an important purpose."

Not everyone sees it her way, however.

According to sources at VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer's lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character.

In the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season, match.

TMZ sources also say Jennifer's claim of emotional distress may be BS because she never missed a day of shooting as a result, and this all a power play.

Several prominent cast members have vowed to shun her completely and possibly sit out the upcoming reunion show early next month if she attends.

Also, the Basketball Wives apparently sign a contract stating explicitly:

"Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project."

Short story: VH1 will not be held accountable for any bitch-slaps.


True Nia didnt have to slap Jen YET!!!!!!!!But you bring up this girls house where she lives???Yal mustve been deaf when Jen high maintenance ass even spoke of the place where she used to lay her head. that just goes to show you u never know how far you can fall from your high place. Where were your friends when you obviously needed somewhere to lay your head???????? yeah bitch wouldve gotten the left side of her skull stomped in with a full flat foot to the face lol!!!!!!


Evelyn don't know the meaning of real friendship. What this petulant grown woman want is followers. And Shaunie fits the bill. A real friend tell you when you are wrong,and an intelligent grown woman has the ability to listen to constructive criticism. And where did your real go Tammi, you have became another follower. Jennifer is right to sue Nia for doing Evelyns dirty work. Royce is the youngest and most mature on this show. The arguing was good entertain. But stop throwing shit and laying hands, it's childish.


Evelyn is crazy, she needs to have charges presses against her too. I agree that Shaunie is just an instigator. I don't know where Tammy's loyalty lies. She and Evelyn hated each other and Evelyn slept with her husband? Evelyn hated Susie too, now they are cool? I'm so confused. I am not watching it anymore


Jen just got got out of a divorce and trying to move on with her life. I wouldn't want to be friends with them either. They are all bullies. And why is shaunie even on the show- just to instigate. I will no be watching this show anymore. They are all bullies. Please sue them and screw those producers!


I too,was assaulted,but I defended myself,and scratched that animal up,this girl is very jealous of me,don't know me,and tried to get me to repeat something I stated about another animal that already knows I don't care for her,but I'm in the process of obtaining an order of protection,now that is classy.


This show has gone crazy with all the fighting. That girl had no right to slap jennifer and I for one support her in her law suite. Shawnie u should be a shame of what u are butting on the air. Evelyn and tammi disgraceful behavior.


I am very proud of Jennifer how she handle to whole situation. I DO NOT CARE WHO IT IS NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANYONE, UNLESS U R DEFENDING YOUSELF!!!! And its crazy for people especially women to be upset with Jennifer for filing a lawsuit. And the next person she need to file on is Evelny!!!! for threatening to kick her ass everytime she see her...These reality shows are getting to dangerous, somebody is truly going to get hurt serious on one of these shows!!


I don't blame Jen for filing the lawsuit. It is too bad when you have these women who are supposed to be grown ups acting like high school girls! Ok, I know they will argue because that is part of the reality show drama, but when they start hitting each other, then that crosses the line and should not be tolerated. Remember in a couple of episodes back when Evelyn threw that bottle at Kenya and hit Jen on the side of her head with her purse? C'mon now, they need to act a little more classier than that.


To all those that are all pissed off about a tv show: don't watch! You are the dumb ass consumer giving these so-called "ghetto bitches" the time of day. It's because of you, dumb ass, that these so called "bitches" remain paid and you still don't have shit! Get laid and mind ur own damn business if u don't like what they do! Ur a non-factor, as I'm sure u know are Evelyn rosada's words. Personally I don't have a problem with them. I choose with a cautious mind to be entertained, not enraged, about something that is not my business to begin with.


this show is really a slice of life of these getto bitches. they should kill each other and get it over with not one of them us worth the time of day! get a job and stop fronting. shaunie and Vh1 are really exploiting these crazy ass broke sisters

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