Jennifer Williams: Slapped on Basketball Wives, Slapping Nia Crooks With Lawsuit

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Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams cannot BELIEVE Nia Crooks slapped her in the face on this week's episode, and has slapped her with a lawsuit in return.

Filing a civil complaint alleging assault and battery Wednesday, Jennifer seeks damages from Nia - Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada's personal assistant.

According to Williams, Crooks was "negligent, reckless and careless" when slapping Jennifer across the face during an altercation that took place January 21:

"Someone needs to put a number on this bitch and let her race around the track because she's acting like an animal," Williams said of Crooks on Monday.

The episode documented the fight taking place in a VIP suite at Gulfstream Park racetrack in Florida, in which Williams says she suffered "serious injuries." 

She alleges she "suffered pain, shock [and] mental anguish" after being slapped by Crooks as their cast mates and VH1 crew members tried to break it up.

Williams is seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages from Crooks.

"Violence used against any woman is wrong," the reality star says.

"I chose to use the justice system to fight back. If I can have a positive effect for women by fighting back with civil litigation it serves an important purpose."

Not everyone sees it her way, however.

According to sources at VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer's lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character.

In the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season, match.

TMZ sources also say Jennifer's claim of emotional distress may be BS because she never missed a day of shooting as a result, and this all a power play.

Several prominent cast members have vowed to shun her completely and possibly sit out the upcoming reunion show early next month if she attends.

Also, the Basketball Wives apparently sign a contract stating explicitly:

"Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project."

Short story: VH1 will not be held accountable for any bitch-slaps.


ummmmm first of all, jenn aint nun but a scary bitch..she just sat there and got her ass slapped. wtf???? i woulda kicked ass... evelyn and tammi are the ONLY real oones on the damn show... kesha alright too... shaunie str8... kenya is psycho bitxch that got bottles threw at her head. suzie fake.dnt know which damn side to stay on. royce aint nun but a hoe.. and so what they acting like kids. they still making money hell.... da fuck anybody else worried bout it for and as for evelyn and chad.. STAY OUT THE DAMN BUSINESS!!!! DAMN IT AINT YAL MARRIAGE... JUST STFU IF YEEN GOT NUN NICE TO SAY ABOUT THE DAMN SHIT,, THEN DONT WATCH IT.. POINT BLANK.. I'M OUT THIS BITCH!


First of all,I feel like Shaunie O'Neal is playing not only the Basketbal Wives cast like a Flute but she's also playing herself.She comes across as one of the Biggest Fakes on Tv.She tries to play all classy and drama free but she actually get a kick out of the antics and drama that usually plays out amongst the other women.It's really sad because,she has the means to take the direction of the show in positive places but chooses not to.So many young girls look up to these "Reality Show Women"and all these women have to offer is Shopping,Drinking,Eating,Sex and fighting.Why don't these women do more for charity or start mentoring kids,teenagers and young women.We as black women need to grown up and stop playing into that "Angry Black Crazy Woman"stereotype.Then we as Black Women wonder "why"all of our successful Black Men leave us or prefer other races of women.We will never overcome things if no one stands up.


It's so sad to see women on National TV acting like hood rats. Evelyn and Nia the show is the only place you can get away with that sh--!!!!!! All the money they are suppose to have goes to show you that money doesn't make you happy. You are some miserable women with that he said she said sh--. If your life is so full then show us some positive things that you do other than argue and fight. I think all of the women in your so call circle are two faced and trouble makers. Shaunie I think if you are a true friend to Evelyn then let her know how foolish she look and sound. Evelyn is a beautiful person but your personality makes you ugly as hell. Evelyn, and Tami alway say what they feel whether people like it on not. It's like the pot caaing the kettle black. If you can't take it don't dish it out!!!!!!!!!!


Well so much has happen with these ladies. Jennifer jas clearly came into her own woman since ihe divorce. She is standing up for herself. Jennifer do what you have to do and don't be afraid to SHINE!!


Jen is right by not fighting back. Yall grown ass women and should be showing our younger generation class especially you being black on national tv all dis show is about now is fights. I dont think none of dem no wut a true friend is dey all are back stabbers i applaud royce for stepping out of dat drama and focusing on her future SET IT OFF gurl...Evelyn u need to grow up and set a good example for ur daughter how are u gonna feel when your grand children are watching u trhowing wine bottles jumping on top of tables to fight someone. Tammi u my gurl dont get sucked into all dat crap dont be evelyns follower cuz u was Jen wut 2 seasons ago dis needs to be da last season of Basketball Wives or a season wit royce and company lol


Jennifer,Nia was used by Evelyn,who cannot get over that fact that you done with her ghetto ass.Evelyn don't have a loyal bone in her body...I know you classy lady but,sometimes you got to get hood on hoes!!!!THEN KEEP IT MOVING!!!!!!
Jen I can't remember my password for hotmail but I am on facebook would love to chat with you more.Paula Lincoln,Thanks God bless you


WV Peach, I am from WV and let me just tell you, you have lost your mind. Stop posting foolish stuff on this site. You make no sense at all! Why would you "squeal with delight" from a woman being hit? What is your problem? Oh, maybe that's something you're used to getting in those hills of WV.


Shaunie is using them ALL for a paycheck! I was disappointed that Shaunie & Tammi acted like it was OK for (broke ghetto-a$$) Nia to smack Jen. They are not friends and want Evelyn to end up behind bars when she seriously hurts someone with a bottle etc., Chad told Evelyn he was cheating, ate you really that desperate?


after the way they have treated Jen this season. And do all of us a favor - cancel the reunion show altogether. Black "ladies", in general, will be happy that you did. We are sick of seeing what is happening on this show. And Shawnie, it's time for you to step back and decide whether you want to continue this circus or not. I vote NOT! You should be ashamed of making money of this. Sometimes I look at your face on the screen and believe that you are thinking "What have I gotten myself into?" You better pray!


This show is starting too get out of hand Shawnie need too check her girl Evelyn because she is a mess. What are you women setting examples of domestic violence all you all you all do is stir up sh.. And drink and Tammie all I can say is shaken my Damn Head and too Jen keep doing you its sounds like they are jealous and let your attorney handle them you don't need that drama.

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