Jennifer Williams: Slapped on Basketball Wives, Slapping Nia Crooks With Lawsuit

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Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams cannot BELIEVE Nia Crooks slapped her in the face on this week's episode, and has slapped her with a lawsuit in return.

Filing a civil complaint alleging assault and battery Wednesday, Jennifer seeks damages from Nia - Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada's personal assistant.

According to Williams, Crooks was "negligent, reckless and careless" when slapping Jennifer across the face during an altercation that took place January 21:

"Someone needs to put a number on this bitch and let her race around the track because she's acting like an animal," Williams said of Crooks on Monday.

The episode documented the fight taking place in a VIP suite at Gulfstream Park racetrack in Florida, in which Williams says she suffered "serious injuries." 

She alleges she "suffered pain, shock [and] mental anguish" after being slapped by Crooks as their cast mates and VH1 crew members tried to break it up.

Williams is seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages from Crooks.

"Violence used against any woman is wrong," the reality star says.

"I chose to use the justice system to fight back. If I can have a positive effect for women by fighting back with civil litigation it serves an important purpose."

Not everyone sees it her way, however.

According to sources at VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer's lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character.

In the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season, match.

TMZ sources also say Jennifer's claim of emotional distress may be BS because she never missed a day of shooting as a result, and this all a power play.

Several prominent cast members have vowed to shun her completely and possibly sit out the upcoming reunion show early next month if she attends.

Also, the Basketball Wives apparently sign a contract stating explicitly:

"Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project."

Short story: VH1 will not be held accountable for any bitch-slaps.


Lastly, there is that lying, homely, tacky pig that made the crappy music video and isn't even worth mentioning by name. They all suck except for the few women on the show who can actually control their tempers - Jen, Royce and so far, Kesha. The rest can fuck off and die for all I care!


Jen is the only classey one on that show.Tami
Roman is a thug that will fight everyone.Evelyn
is so jealous of Jen,that's why she is mad everyday.
I used to think these women were classy but
They act like gang members.
Thanks sharon


I totally agree with Taronda, well said!


cont'd...dummies. All they do is back-stab, and then bring it to Master Shaunie & Master Evelyn for review! What nonsense!!!

Wv peach

I'm not happy to see anyone get beaten, but I squealed with delight when Jennifer got slapped! I don't like how vainglorious she's become. It seems Nia is truly upset by Jennifer's ugly behaviour. But why wait 3 months to file a suit? This is all to keep her relevant.

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