Jennifer Lopez Premieres Official Music Video for "Dance Again"

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It was a bad night on American Idol Thursday for a certain long-haired singer with a high-pitched singing voice.

But it was an incredible evening for fans of Jennifer Lopez, or sexiness general, as the judge premiered the full-length music video for "Dance Again."

It featured such lines as "I love to make love to you, baby. So many ways I wanna touch you tonight," along with the sort of moves you would expect to accompany these lyrics, many of them performed with Casper Smart, J. Lo's 24-year old boyfriend.

Prepare a cold shower and watch the steamy action now:

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Lets see now! Alot of us at this age does not even come close to what she looks like! At our age to have a super hot bod like J has, costs hard work and knowing she has kids with her boddy makes her the sexiest chick on the plannet - period! At this age still getting it, now that is what I say screw you all not getting it cause you will give your rigt arm to get one last person that admires you the way J is admired. Go girl - you have a kickass bod and voice, keep it up and keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!


if i hear that dumb bitch say she got the "goosys" one more time i,m going to smash the tv. nothing like praising the one you want to win the whole season and slamming everyone else.the "most beautiful woman in america"....please...who voted, the aspca!!!!!


J Lo is going through mid life crisis and menopause hahaha. She's a slut and wishes that she was young awww ha


Was totally disappointed in the choice to show this bedroom scene on a show titled American Idol. What message did it send to those young impressionable people watching outstanding youth perform on their favorite show? Then you have Jlo acting so pure and innocent judging these future stars - crying like a baby watching these "angels" perform. What a farce she is!!! Keep her bedroom performance private, I really don't want to see her writhing with someone young enough to be her son!!! She should be setting an example to the American Idol fans.
Get rid of the slut.


I do not understand all this hate mail she is receiving, nobody said u should stop living ur life when u become a mother. I am proud and very happy for her, u don't find a lot of women in their 40s who look as youthful or as happy as she does and ask for her kids when they grow up to be matured adults all they will think about is the woman who carried them for 9months, went thru labor pains for not just one but 2 ppl and the amazing life she worked so hard for so that they don't have to I don't think they would remember jasper.


i think shes a good singer an she is a very good singer but just a lil bit to much revealing for american idol i mean come on look at the other singers brittney spears videos or others dont judge a book by its cover


I was shocked that American Idol would put a disgusting video like that on a family show without a warning for children. I think the show is going downhill. Between Steven Tyler cursing and now JLo with these horrific songs and sexual dance routines. Yuk!!


It never seam to amaze me that this women has been in the industry for over 20 years and has never won a Grammy award, or any other award for any top selling albums and still insists that she can sing, or act, doesn’t Jlo remember, she was only a dancer on a TV show back in the days, not a singer or actress, she a dancer and that it.


Last time i heard this show was called American Idol...who the hell is this J.Lo to put a stupid video of herself on national tv....she's getting to be middle age, and doesn't she know how stupid and foolish she looks in that video...grow the frig up, your an ugly fat ass, and your boyfriend looks like your


I am a jenny fan and i did NOT like this at all! What is she thinking? Humping around like a dog in heat for gods sake!