Jennifer Lopez Buys Casper Smart a Birthday Truck

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Jennifer Lopez celebrated her dancer boyfriend Casper Smart's 25th birthday Friday night with an intimate dinner party - and a giant ass pickup truck.

"Jennifer had planned a fun day to celebrate Casper's birthday," a source says of the day that ended with Smart's customized white Dodge Ram truck.

J. Lo "knew that Casper really wanted a truck, and Casper was very excited about the generous gift," says the source. Lopez herself also Tweeted:

"@BEAUcasperSMART 'Beau has a birthday we're so glad we hope it's the happiest Birthday Beau ever has!' #singingtweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!!"

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

After a shopping trip and lunch in Beverly Hills, the smitten couple continued the birthday celebration with a fun dinner at Cecconi's in West Hollywood.

With a group of friends, they enjoyed Northern Italian comfort food, including pasta, fish and wine in the restaurant's private Butterfly Room.

The birthday boy even brought his present along for the celebration.

Casper Smart "was so excited about his new truck that he decided to drive it to dinner," adds the source. "She was smiling about Casper's excitement."

Bottom line: It pays to be Jennifer Lopez's rebound plaything.

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Yeh well i mean on my first date wit juelz santana n all our dates are always awesome exspecially wit sicilys italy le queso all i can say its when im dominicana n its in my genes bein takn as Wifeyso es(more than love by amerie) n when im wit juelz he always tells me about how much i mean to him as us bein both dominican we can understand each other ! as for me i mean i told my mom when he took me out hes too much u kw he puts it on lock n i say well wit my minnetonkas n me im DR n dat s what im proud of!"


O Yes es destiny anyhow u kw anyhow me and jlo go back lol cause where dominicana en us ! anyhow when it comes to me and my man juelz it means alot i mean i always tell juelz about everything and when me n juelz are always at sicilys italy en la queso means alot bein on hudson st view just eatin n chilin at the patio watchn the goodfellas laughn at each other its just so much to think about when it comes to my man juelz he tells me i better not leave him or else he always puts it on lock n i say "Eh Es DR!"


I agree with Unbella: "Lopez must be a hard person to be with...."
So true. Anyone who jumps in and out of relationships as much as she has, there has GOT to be something really fucked up about the person's demeanor!! As far as her birthday purchase for Casper, whatever....


Jen, you go girl!! Had my boy toys but THEY were rich....


I actually thought "JLO" as she is called, was a very talented women. I am 5 years younger r than her, I respect myself soo much that I am growing old gracefully. Im not a celeb, I get it, but even us JLO fans have to admit, her new video showed her as a middle aged woman making afool out of herself. When does reality sink in for these gorgeous "Older Women"? My nephew was with me when we watched JLOS new video, he is 20, he was laughing soo hard. Seriously, he rolled with laughter. Listen ladies, learn to act your age. It isnt a bad thing. It doesnt mean being a gray haired old lady, trust me, there is soo much more to life. Let Selena Gomez, ND ALL THE OTHERS HAVE THEIR TURN.....


To show how stupid everyone is, this idiot doesn't have driver license, don't you forget, he had speeding traffic warrants this last January, they suspended this license, what did you people that just because he Jlo Ho, he get special treatment, I sure Marc would love to see his children’s in the vehicle with this reckless ass.


Bonnie: Ur comment is PRICELESS! lol


You go girl.....if thats what he wanted you can afford it and all those haters be damned. You only live once so live to the fullist


Ain't dat cute!!! Little boys NEED their toys!


Marcia - Actually, you sound very jealous of JLo.

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