Jennifer Lawrence Slammed By PETA For Squirrel Skinning (and Saying "Screw PETA")

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Jennifer Lawrence is the latest celebrity to come under fire from PETA after she recalled in Rolling Stone how she skinned a squirrel in the movie Winter's Bone.

The Hunger Games star is receiving serious backlash from the organization after revealing that the scene wasn't fake and that she actually did skin a squirrel.

"I should say it wasn't real, for PETA," she confessed. "But screw PETA."

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The Oscar nominee's comment was likely not meant to show any disrespect, but PETA is fighting back. Says the the organization's president, Ingrid Newkirk:

"She's young, and the plight of animals somehow hasn't yet touched her heart. As Henry David Thoreau said, 'The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.'" 

"One day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature."

"When people kill animals, it is the animals who are 'screwed,' not PETA."

Lawrence, who will next appear in The House at the End of the Street, has yet to comment on PETA's response to her confession of harming an animal.

The big winner in all of this? Khloe Kardashian. PETA has a new target!



PETA needs to calm the down. If i were her i'd wear a suit made of all kinds of animals and walk on the red capret making sure that everyone sees.


Peeta is not out of line i think he is perfectly fine and peeta dose not need to change at all


PETA, you slam clebrities because you find that you have nothing to do better. She was acting. I mean get the hell over it.




All these people with causes! I wonder if they have ever considered that the shoes on their feet are made of leather, do they go barefoot. They don't really have anything else to do I suppose. I love my dog with all my heart but don't take everything to heart. If it was a senseless killing I would be against it, as I am with all these trophy hunters on safari just to kill the biggest. Now that's a disgrace (why kill anything if you are not going to eat it, much less elephants for tusks, rhinos, etc). Just for the sake of a trophy!


I love me some hot squirrel....bwahahaha. I'm sure her squirrel though is a lot tastier.


For Julie. In regards to the incidence of deer/car collision increase, etc...if the predators that naturally keep in check the balance of nature had not been hunted to near extinction in many cases and/or forced from their natural habitats by the encroachment of humans, there would be no overpopulation of deer or other "prey" animals. Their natural predators would do the job. And in lean years when the deer population declined, so to would the predator population. Nature takes care of its own if allowed to do so. Also, do you really think forced breeding of cows, pigs, chickens and so on doesn't contribute to their numbers? They do not breed themselves into such gluttonous numbers. My philosophy is, if you can't kill it and skin and gut it, don't buy it all prettied up for you in the market. So impersonal.


its not her fault


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PETA does Suck and they stick thier noeses in way to much SHIT animals are here to be eaten and that is from GOD and you can not stay the heck out of so go talk to the man and when he tells you it is ok than tell me but now eat shit PETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for here where I live we kill all that does not suit yopu and the Wal- Mart store we go to for food and other things yes they have RATS and we will kill them as they are out in the country and do not belong there you want them you come and get them and take them to your home store or house but stay OUT of the way !!!!!!!!!!!

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