Jennifer Hudson Exits Courtroom in Wake of Disturbing Photos

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A day after taking the stand in the murder case against William Balfour - and breaking down when a photo of her mom was presented - Jennifer Hudson couldn't handle being in the same room with the man accused of killing her relatives.

Jennifer Hudson on Dateline

Witnesses tell TMZ Hudson excused herself from the legal proceedings when prosecutors pulled out crime scene photos of Jennifer's seven-year old nephew Julian, who was allegedly shot by Balfour in a fit of rage.

He is also on trial for murdering Hudson's mother and brother.

David Otunga, Jennifer's fiance and the father of her son, remained inside the courtroom after Hudson departed and, insiders say, jotted down notes about the crime scene. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Jennifer and her family.

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How can you stupid people say such dumb ass things
sold her family out for fame, she was poor and wore clothing made by her mom or grandma on IDOL, she has worked hard and done good. and then also helped her family when she made it big. i could not see pictures of my family murdered either. She is a great person and talent and works hard. god bless her and her family. pity you idiots who made the dumb ass comments,


First of all Jennifer Hudson went through alot this lady closest family got killed and yall saying the stupidest stuff out yalls mouth leave Jennifer alone let this lady grieve if she wants this is something she will never get over me and her birthdays are the same its just we born different years im a few years older than her please leave jennifer alone and this goes out to Jennifer iam so sorry for your lost keep your head up and stay strong this is what god wants and your family your mom and brother and nephew are looking down at you and they are so proud of you you are a beautiful strong black talented woman keep trusting in god and he will see you through you are an amazing singer i have some of your albums i know this you sho can sing i gotta give you that i heard your latest song i love that i must buy the album when it comes out well any ways stay strong you and your family good luck to you


stop taking her side she sacrificed them for fame...illuminati princess!!


To the people who are calling her a drama queen I guess that you would just sit there and look at the crime scene photos of your dead nephew,mom and brother?


People are MEAN!


I can't believe there are some people on this comment wall who are so callous and insensitive, shame on you all. My heart goes out to this family who lost their loved ones in such a tragic way.


This illuminati whore is only crying because she knows all those deaths were a trade for her fame when she sold her soul to the devil.. Funny how making all that money takes away the pain huh




Drama queen? Her family is murdered and you dare call her a drama queen? Should she have sat in the courtroom and looked at those pictures of her family like that, wailing and screaming? Would that have been more fitting. Shame on you! The man should should HANG! Rope is cheap and reusable!


OMG! This is about the murder of her mom, brother and nephew. This is none of our business. This is a horrible thing she is going thru so I hope people including the media have some compassion for her. This is her personal life, and she owes us nothing.