Jennifer Aniston: Happy With Justin Theroux, and For Brad Pitt!

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Despite any bitterness you'd think would linger, Jennifer Aniston swears she has nothing but warm wishes for the engaged Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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    This is for Brangelina, why don't you guys return that kids for they family. If you do want to help the poor just give the money and let the kids enjoy they living with they relative. Don't you know even though an animal if you took the animal baby they will come after you.
    Keep your blood return the kids wasn't your bloods. The kids wasn't your blood they will be more perfect if you let go, GET OFF!!!!


    It is obvious that Justin is finding money at the end. A relationship of 14 years but nor marrying because the girl is not rich enough for him.

    Jennifer watch out. You do not need another baggage.


    Why should Jen tell a talk show host what to say or joke about? Look at David Letterman? Gee...... Just because Jen and Chelsea are friends doesn't mean that Jen has a right to tell Chelsea what to do on HER show! Who would do that? NO ONE! Chelsea is a grown women and it is just another excuse for Brangelina fans to hate at the ex! That sounds like middle schoolers! Jen has been moved on for years. I wonder what Billy Bob is thinking? lol!


    Im sick of her.


    Yes, because after six children, living together, making good deeds together, after 7 years, NOW THAT THEY ARE ENGAGED, she would be jealous? ahahahahahah this is ridiculous.... THEY ARE ALREADY MARRIED PPL, Wake up, for a long time already!


    Im sure Jen has moved on. However, Angelina still interfered with a marraige. Thats a no no in anyones book. Personally I would always feel some resentment towards a woman who did that. Not that she wants Brad back or wishes them bad things. But she'll always be a low down homewrecker in my book. Thats a line you dont cross.


    How can anyone know what Aniston is thinking or feeling? We see what she reportedly says but no one really knows but her.

    However. I'm willing to bet she realizes Brangelina are soulmates. And if you really care about someone, you want them to be happy with their soulmate, even if it was a painful experience.


    @guest -well thats not true. She has said several things about jolie-the last was recently on her show. Rerun or not. Her job is to make fun of people, yes. But her going after jolie seems low. And what i meant was aniston was hurt bad, so she felt hurt by jolie too. But jolie has no reason to dislike aniston. Does it matter? No.


    @unbella: Chelsea Handler is a grown woman and a comedienne - he makes fun of Jolie because it's her job. So do many other comedienne and late night hosts in case you hadn't noticed. And if you actually watched Handler you would know she hasn't said anything about Jolie since the leg incident at the Oscars, and before then it had been months and months since she mentioned her.

    It's funny how you think "Jen thinks of Angie more than Angie thinks of Jen." Why? The last ones bringing up the triangle were Pitt/Jolie. Aniston has shown she's moved on for years, people just for some reason think she can't possibly be happy unless she has a husband a bunch of kids, etc. Meanwhile, she looks far happier and healthier than the other two, so if anyone is moved on well, I think it's her. Hope she and Justin have every happiness as they make a great couple.


    if she's not bitter, she should tell her friend, chelsea lately, to shut the heck up. She has no reason to hate angelina. Brad ended the marriage, not angelina. All three of them were in sucky movies... So no pointing fingers there. And im sure jen thinks of angie more than angie thinks of jen. Its been 7 years- time to move on people. I personally like all of them. But chelsea lately is so judgemental; she is bitter.

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