Jenna Talackova: I Was Born in the Wrong Body

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Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova says in a new interview that even at four years old, she knew she was "in the wrong body."

Talackova, who was booted from Miss Universe Canada for not being a "naturally born female," then allowed back in after all, sat down with ABC's 20/20.

Accompanied by her mother and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the beauty revealed to Barbara Walters that at birth, she was actually named "Walter."

Talackova, 23, who was called "tranny" and "it" by bullies at school, started hormone therapy at 14. Later, she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

That converted her male genitalia to female and made her the woman she is now.

"It was terribly painful," Talackova told Walters of the procedure, "but seeing something on your body for that long and not even being able to look at myself in the mirror because I couldn't stand seeing the other part, it was very rewarding, too."

To complete her physical transformation, Jenna Talackova said, she also received breast implants and had her Adam’s apple removed in the following years.

Her legal transformation became complete as she changed her Canadian driver's license, passport and birth certificate to reflect her gender reassignment.

She is now recognized as female by the Canadian government, and lives a full life as a heterosexual woman. She says she has a boyfriend, a man she says is near her age.

He is "very supportive … just an amazing man."

And she's taken the beauty pageant controversy and turned it into an opportunity to help pave the way for other transgendered men and women.

"I feel like the universe, the creator just put me in this position as an advocate," she told Walters. "And now it's like this, and I'll take that position. If it's helping anybody else, by sharing my story and with my actions, then I feel great about it."

The Miss Universe Canada pageant takes place May 19. Do you think she should be disqualified because of her transgender status?


You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This person, this HUMAN BEING, who you are calling "tranny," or "he," has rights just as you do. She has rights to be exactly what she wants to be. Why would you take that away from her? Is it too uncomfortable for you? And by the way, Jesus would approve, in case you were worried about that.


Wtf. What is happening to the world?? He is a transgendered woman. No matter what happens his dna is not an xx which is the chromosome that makes a woman a woman! He has xy no matter how many vagina he puts to himself his stll a man. People should really stop playing God. This pageant is ridiculous.


This is ridiculous, can you imagine being in her scenario and the courage that it must have took for her to share her story. I respect those who are against this and have religious objections however who is she hurting by trying to feel comfortable in her own skin... She went through a very difficult and painful operation to become who she is today. She is recognized as a female by a legitimate entity and should be allowed to compete in a pageant. Does it really affect you, do you have nothing better to worry about than whether or not an unnaturally born female competes in a pageant that will have no meaning on your lives? She is probably giving hope to a multitude of individuals who share that predicament. Find something better to do than badger a person who is trying to find their happiness.


I think its not fair knowing she is not a naturally born female. Yes, it may seem harsh for me to say it but I hope she knows where she should place herself. The wave of controversies she's making is just stupid. There are many transgender contest for her to join. Pls. respect all the WOMEN WHO WERE BORN REAL WOMEN.


GROSS ! Its not called a transgender beauty pageant. IT'S FOR WOMEN.


The He-she/it/shim should join a tranny pageant and stay out of this one. I personally would not want to compete in a BEAUTY pageant against a TRANNY


Talackova, 23, who was called "tranny" and "it" by bullies at school, started hormone therapy at 14 OK, so why did her parents allow him to have hormone therapy ? They made things woarse, making a messed up situation even more messed up. Anyways I don't want to watch duds dressed as chicks on tv. I am sure most guys don't want to see it.(Unless gay etc)


You are all crazy I'd you think this is right... That man has no place in a women contest. It wouldn't be fair for our women they now have to compete agaisnt men too? God doesn't approve of homosexuality anyway. dont you all see what's going on? People have let the gay community think they can now step into anything and do anything they want. They are gay no matter what, it doesn't make you a woman the fact that you chopped off your genitals and unnaturally made your body look like a womans. Unlike the other contestants who were born with that actual beauty. Who are REAL woman. Please don't let our world turn into sodom and gomorrah. THIS IS WRONG IN EVERY WAY. STOP THIS GAY MEN FROM WANTING TO MIX WITH OUR NATURAL WOMEN... JESUS WOULDN'T APPROVE OF IT. GROSS!


This transgender is pushing the boundaries. I'm glad she got turned down. There's a limit to everything...and Jenna is the limit!


thats not fair SHE is a beautiful WOMAN now and should be respected like everyone else