Jenna Talackova: I Was Born in the Wrong Body

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Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova says in a new interview that even at four years old, she knew she was "in the wrong body."

Talackova, who was booted from Miss Universe Canada for not being a "naturally born female," then allowed back in after all, sat down with ABC's 20/20.

Accompanied by her mother and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the beauty revealed to Barbara Walters that at birth, she was actually named "Walter."

Talackova, 23, who was called "tranny" and "it" by bullies at school, started hormone therapy at 14. Later, she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

That converted her male genitalia to female and made her the woman she is now.

"It was terribly painful," Talackova told Walters of the procedure, "but seeing something on your body for that long and not even being able to look at myself in the mirror because I couldn't stand seeing the other part, it was very rewarding, too."

To complete her physical transformation, Jenna Talackova said, she also received breast implants and had her Adam’s apple removed in the following years.

Her legal transformation became complete as she changed her Canadian driver's license, passport and birth certificate to reflect her gender reassignment.

She is now recognized as female by the Canadian government, and lives a full life as a heterosexual woman. She says she has a boyfriend, a man she says is near her age.

He is "very supportive … just an amazing man."

And she's taken the beauty pageant controversy and turned it into an opportunity to help pave the way for other transgendered men and women.

"I feel like the universe, the creator just put me in this position as an advocate," she told Walters. "And now it's like this, and I'll take that position. If it's helping anybody else, by sharing my story and with my actions, then I feel great about it."

The Miss Universe Canada pageant takes place May 19. Do you think she should be disqualified because of her transgender status?


Did I hear her mention that the "Creator "?
Dats so hypocritical, to acknowledge the Creator while at the same time trying to recreate ur self. nuts


Trandgenerism is a psychological disorder. This has been confirmed by decades of careful psychiatric research. However, many mental health professionals are afraid to speak up for fear of being clobbered by homosexual activists and their 'progressive' supporters. You are either born male or female. The only exception to this are the hermaphrodites - which is a rare genetic disorder. There was nothing wrong with Walter Talackova's body, the problem is in his head. A simple genetic test will reveal that his chromosomes are entirely male, not female or anything in between. Walter and others like him will always be nothing more than surgically altered men until the day they die. And no amount of legislation will ever change this fact.


I did also sex reassignment surgery fr.male to female. But in my opinion a woman is the origin of a my mother,is a woman brought me in this world.
We have a place on this content of what we are now. Jeana,if you are really a woman,why did you compete the miss international queen in Thailand?.i was a pageant for transgender right?.on that pageant you were defeated by korean transgender right?.now example,when you won that time as the queen of miss international queen,i know you will just keep quiet,and not to join miss Canada pageant right?since you were defeated in miss international queen,i know you were just making noise in miss Canada pageant oh come on.think of the reality,you are still a man in front of GOD,GOD CREATED ADAM AND EVE,not adam and Walter right?.
Frankly,if your not happy and not contented of being transgender,better you to consult,mental hospital physician.
All transgendered are very woman,more than a woman deep inside,
But transgendered can never be a woman.put this in your mind,insanely jeana.


1. To go to a miss contest knowing that you built yourself after your preferences from head to toe, wouldn't be a fair contest. It's deceiving! 2. When you go to any other contest or exam and they catch you cheating, you get thrown out. Why should be different in this case? I tell you why, because everything that was before "exact science", now it's relative. Whoever cries louder, gets all the rewards. And for that, you only need to scream "Discrimination!" and you get everything, whether you deserve it or not. It's deceiving, people!!! Why should be different in this case?! It's disappointing how easy to manipulate is the world today... Wake up.


We live in 2012 now!
Fair play to you Jenna!
Stay Happy always!
This is from a Genetic girl xx


So women who are unable to conceive are not eligible? They are born with a womb but they cannot procreate they are sterile. Are they less of a woman? No! If they can correct it surgically shouldn't they? I believe it would be stupidity to correct a situation and not do it. I saw Jenna's teenage picture and it was quiet obvious that she was never meant to be a man. Rish obviously has issues with his masculinity. What another persons do with their own bodies, should never bother him. If his his masculinity is threaten then he may have other unresolved issues. Jenna seem to have been honest and open about who she is. legally she is a woman and she has the necessary legal documentations to prove it.


Jenna I am very proud of you. You should be very proud of yourself as well as the entire gay community particularly the transsexual. I admire your courage I standing up for what you believe in. Transsexuals owe you a debt of gratitude. Also all the heterosexuals who stood up for what is right, thank you for your support. Since every transsexual should be entitled to every opportunity as any other woman. I am one of your supporters. You did excellent, up until the evening dress. I believe your performance was over exaggerated for that segment and to my opinion that wasn't your best choice of dress. Though I would have liked if you had placed in the final five but I quiet understood why you didn't. You are very pretty no doubt and already a winner and a record maker. Cheers!


This freak should have been put in a loony bin years ago. How they could let this "it" compete in the Miss Universe is crazy. This freak has no womb, no overies and nothing that any woman was born with. It has no testicles and no penis like any man is born with now. It is a thing and should be shunned by society.


Honestly, some of the posts here are quite pathetic. She's not hiding what she was, so where does the lying come into it? Bill, read the transcript - she had reassignment surgery - yes she can have sex just like any woman. Hippo nose? Come on! As for plastic surgery? This has been an important part of Miss universe for years... it's not just her. At least if you are going to hate, do it from a point of actually having a clue. I think your biggest issue is she's gorgeous and most of you guys can't handle the fact that you think she is because you think that makes you gay. idiots!


Can she have normal sex like a woman? That is, does she have the female sex organ or still have the male sex organ? Otherwise, she is drop-dead gorgeous, articulate, sexy, and making me change some of my lifelong notions about such things as this.