Jenelle Evans: Hooked on LSD and Ecstasy?

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Trouble continues to find Teen Mom 2 wild child Jenelle Evans ... at least according to Star magazine (we know, we know), which claims she's on drugs.

Like a lot.

Tori Rhyne, a close pal of the Oak Island, N.C., native, tells this week’s Star that Evans is dabbling in LSD, "thinking it helps her, but it really doesn’t."

“She does it a lot ... she fell in love with it,” Tori said. “It’s just a little sheet she puts on her tongue and waits for it to hit her. Then she gets all weird.”


Hilarious quotes aside, it's somewhat unlikely that Evans is dropping acid - or Ecstasy tablets, or Xanax, or Adderall - as the celebrity gossip magazine also claims.

Former boss James Duffy has made similar clams, but she's currently being drug tested as a condition of her probation. Speaking of which, once probation's over ...

“After she gets off, she’s going to smoke a fat blunt, that’s what she told me,” Tori says. “She’s only worried about getting off probation, so she can smoke weed!”

Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan, who appeared on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2 (obvi), said, “The allegations against my client are absolutely false.”

Probably. But with this particular client, you can only be 70-80 percent sure.


Her Mawm should have kicked her the hell out a long time ago and gotten full custody of the child. Janelle is and always be a loser. Don't blame the mother. This girl is useless.


This is heartbreaking. Where do they find these children? This girl has a mother who has no idea how to handle her and the many bad examples in that household beggar belief. The mother screams with fristration at any opportunity as the daughter falls deeper and deeper into a lower and lower life. The mother has no psychiatric skills and is unqualified to deal with her daughter's behaviour and this is all being watched by the baby who will, in turn, learn from these examples. Why does the TV station or production company not provide help to the people who are raking in money for them from their sorry stories. It's odious and inhuman and the TV companies disgust me.


i call bs on this one! sounds like tori is REALLY a friend. even if she is using these things-they leave your system in a couple of days-so a drug test wouldn't be able to pick them up.


she needs to wise up ~ fast.
somebody should play her a Whitney Houston song.


ppl still do lsd????


White trash ho feel sorry 4 your son has a mother like u


Doesnt help if people judge dont make it worse...geez


This girl is choosing to live a bad life. She wants people to feel sorry for her, she is a horrible person.


Ya...Them little sheets do that to ya.

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