Jenelle Evans Dumps, Dedicates Hilariously Angry Video to Gary Head

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Hell hath no fury like Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans scorned, apparently.

After watching this YouTube video posted by Evans and dedicated it to now-former BF "Gary Motherf--king Head", one can't help but wonder where it all went wrong.

One also can't help but cringe/laugh out loud at the unintentional comedy.

A pissed-off Jenelle makes it clear who the video is for, then proceeds to sing, angrily and terribly, along to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Face Down." Enjoy:

"Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?" the 20-year-old belts out, among other fitting lyrics.

"You cry alone, then he swears he loves you." "I finally had enough." Deep.

Evans put up the video on Monday, after tweeting that she and Gary Head had split up. "I'm very depressed," she wrote. "Me and Gary brokeup for good."

She didn't elaborate, but she's clearly not too thrilled with him. On the plus side, this is Jenelle Evans, and she didn't burn his house down. So that's something.

In other Teen Mom 2 news, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert got married!


Jenelle should be focusing on her child not a man. If the man is indeed abusive then let him leave and let the door hit him in the a**, if she is lying about the entire incident and just trying to get attention...I say this to her "Dear grow up and stop trying to be cute, your a mom and need to be responsible for the child you brought into this world" its your responsibility! The video looked immature, and stupid...don't show your full color like this...its a embarrassment to your family.


So the loser dumped you...get over it, Janelle. Why do you make your whole life revolve around guys? You need to focus on getting your life together, get a job, and get custody of your CHILD! You look absoulutely ridiculous with that blonde/black hair. Blonde hair and bigger boobs is not going to make a guy stay with you. You're too immature, psycho, and stupid for a guy to want to seriously be with you. Anyone who dates you is doing it for the fame. Forget guys and focus on yourself!


she needs some help. everytime this girl doesn't get her way she tries to make the other person look absolutely terrible. she's accusing him of hitting her when she denied it via twitter a couple days before. i doubt it happened, this girl needs to focus on winning back custody of her kid. that should be her main focus but she doesn't seem to care.

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