Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp: Hitting it Again!

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans just can’t seem to stay out of trouble ... or the arms of Kieffer Delp. As her mom Babwha would say ... Dammit Kieffah!!!!!!

Ever since Jenelle broke up with Gary Head, it's been a non-stop bone-a-thon for the train wreck and her former boyfriend, according to Radar sources.

“She has spent the past few days with Kieffer shut up in her apartment having sex,” a source dished, noting that it could mean trouble for the hot mess.

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans

“She’s only got days left of her probation and now she’s could end up back in jail because she’s not meant to be with him as he has a criminal record.”

Delp got out of prison last month, and he's already causing more headaches for Jenelle Evans, as their recent dalliance resulted in a visit from the police.

"The cops chased Kieffer away from Jenelle's home," a source said, with no word on whether he was wearing his trademark ratty green hoodie at the time.

It's unclear what brought police to her house this time around, though epic fights between the on-off couple have become par for the course on Teen Mom 2.

"Nothing happened to Jenelle in terms of criminal charges, at this time, but to say the police are sick of her and her drama would be an understatement."

Evans, 20, hasn’t let probation and court orders stop her hard partying. Since she can’t smoke pot because of random drug tests, she’s been dropping acid.

“She does it a lot ... she fell in love with it,” Tori Rhyne, a close pal of the Oak Island, N.C. native (or at least she used to be), told Star earlier this month.

Between that and Kieffer's reemergence in her life, her alleged quest to regain custody of son Jace - or a stable existence overall - may be short-lived.


that girl needs to stop she is in engaged she just broke up wiff kiefer nd now she engaged! 1 word: a whore! cant keep them leggs closed nd she wonder why she got so many problems> smh


Is she pregnant again or not


Her history with that boy in the front seat will follow her from now on. She is a waste. She can pack it in.


Seems like she didn't learn her lesson the first time around. Maybe next time she will find a judge like Amber had that will toss her in jail for a while then dump her in a halfway house or worse. Good thing her son is with her mother and isn't in the middle of her constant drama


hahah does anyone else noticed how high they both look in that picture?


@ Rank Z lister, walk a mile in her shoes before you pass judgement. It is possible that you are a lot like her so you make yourself feel better by degrading a Girl who does the best she can with what she has. Team Jannelle all the way! Keep it Real a I enjoyed your fighting moves too..You kicked some ass. LOL I almost died when you said I am not done yet when Kiefer was telling you that was enough. but, you took that B*tch to School...LOL


Its sad to see this girl throw her life away. She will have a lot of regrets. She is living life in the fast lane.


What a mess. One day she will look back on this time in her life with so many regrets. She is losing time with her son that she will never get back. I hope for his sake she straightens up and gets her life on track. So sad.


Dumb White Trash HO-she will Never Change-i feel sorry 4 her mom & kid


@UOM, she's not pregnant the same way that millions of women ard the world have sex and dont get pregnant, BIRTH CONTROL! There are several forms of birth control that are like 99% effective!

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